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What Other Artists You Listen To?


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[font="Arial"][color=blue]I like a variety of other artists out there...and this is the last mix cd I made to listen to when I was driving or working out...

1. [b]Hey Ya [/b]~ OUTKast
2. [b]Come Over [/b]~ Alaliyah ft. Tank
3. [b]Through The Wire [/b]~ Kayne West
4. [b]4 Ever~whoa [/b]~ Lil Mo ft. Fabulous
5. [b]Into You [/b]~ Fabulous ft. Tamia
6. [b]Walked Right Out Of Heaven [/b]~ Jagged EdGe
7. [b]Comes To The Light,...Everything[/b]~ Jill Scott
8. [b]Slow Jams [/b]~ Kayne West & Twysta ft. Jamie Foxx
9. [b]Down 4 Me [/b]~ Loon ft. Mario Winans
10. [b]I Like The Way You Move [/b]~ OutKast ft. Sleepy Brown
11. [b]Step In The Name Of Love [/b]~ R. Kelly
12. [b]Signs Of Lovemaking [/b]~ Tyrese
13. [b]You Don't Know My Name [/b]~ Alicia Keys
14. [b]FrontiN [/b]~ Ferrell
15. [b]Apologies Of A Thug[/b] ~ R. Kelly

Its about tyme 4 me to get sum new music and make another mix cd for the summer tyme...lol...anybody have any good suggestions???

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Guest Prince
Depends on my mood. Apart from JJ+FP, things I've been listening to recently are by:

-2Pac - [What can I say, the man was a genius and ahead of his time. Still lives on through his music]
-R. Kelly - [Some pretty deep songs]
-Linkin Park - [I'm going to get lynched for this but I dunno, I just like their stuff in general]
-Robert Miles - [DJ from the UK, deep flowing vybe in his music]

The list goes on - I just have a poor memory when it comes to this! :dunno:
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Besides JJFP, I do listen to other artists...

Kid N' Play (Had awesome beats were funny as hell)
Queen Latifah (Great raps as she represents my state)
Biz Markie (Nobody beats the biz...)
Arrested Development (Pretty deep stuff sometimes, good hip-hop)
Nick Cannon (Awesome new skool style of rap without the flak)
2pac (His older stuff from 91-93 is real nice)
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one of my mixed CD's is : (its not all hip hop tho)

1. Sugarhill gang - Apache
2. Sir mix a lot - baby got back
3. LL Cool J - Mama said knock u out
4. Skee lo - i wish
5. Naughty by Nature - OPP
6. Sugarhill gang - rappers delight
7. Warren G - i shot the sherriff
8. 2pac - changes
9. P diddy feat R kelly - satisfy you
10. TQ - westside
11. 2pac - i aint mad at ya
12. 2pac - thugz mansion
13. TQ - daily
14. 2pac - keep ya head up
15. Janet - Together again
16. Janet - Runaway

Just a random bunch of songs i put together really, but im really into Kayne west at the mo too.
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I'm not thinkin' about summertime mix CDs yet. Right now i have a fall-winter mix CD in my car...the tracklisting goes something like this...

TLC "Come Get Some"
Blaque "I'm Good"
Stacie Orrico "More To Life"
Keily Dean "Who Will I Run To"
Busta Rhymes, Nick Cannon, Fat Joe, Chingy "Put It On The Floor"
Mya + Pharsyde "Fallen (Remix)"
Michael Jackson "One More Chance (Ron G. Remix)
Madonna "Your Honesty"
Ginuwine "How Far Will You Go"
Britney Spears "Touch of My Hand"
Melissa Shuman "Always"
Goapele "Closer"
Montell Jordan "Supastar"
TLC "Whoop Dee Woo"
Jessica Simpson "With You"
Amerie "Thinkin' Bout U"
Marques Houston "Smile"
Jill Scott "Everything (Comes To Light)"
Yolonda Adams "I Believe"

This is more an an radio friendly R-N-B meets Pop music CD...but that's what i got in the ride right now. I'm in the middle of mixing a Hip-Hop one 2gether.
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