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Who won, WILL IS ILL or Jazzy Julie?

Da Brakes

Who won?  

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  1. 1. WILL IS ILL or Jazzy Julie?

    • Jazzy Julie

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I had to go with Julie! That was a tight verse! (Is this the same girl that didn't wanna enter the partners battle?? :2thumbs: ) I felt that WILL IS ILL's verse was a little too simple

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Julie's verse was crazy good, one of the best I've read on here..., oh Brakes - she told me she wants to take you on the next round :1-say-yes: ok, I made that up :lol:

Hey I'm ready!!! :bat: :willvspaparazzi: :bat:

no no no!!! i said i didnt want to battle u brakes haha. :paperbag:

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good battle, im not trying to make excuses or anything but ive been sick all week with a 103 fever. i got tested for mono yesterday and got the results back today. i dont have mono, which is a good thing. like i said im not trying to make an excuse for losing, ill take it fair and square, its just id like to say why i havent been posting alot lately. cause ive been in bed watching movies and tv.... well i probaly wont be on till maybe wednesday, but i am feeling better so you never know, it might be sooner.

happy holidays to all

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