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Who is Kel Spencer?

Silver Tiger

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I thought u guys were just being critical but I just went back and watched the video and yeah, she's not all that...ha ha. I think that if she made herself look normal, she's actually be pretty. I think she overdid it 2 be a character for the video. Less is more. Who cares tho'...the video is just laid back and feel good. It looks like any block in the US. The lyrics give me that vibe of falling in love. The wordplay and wit is original. I'm just feeling this song and video all around.

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I definitely recommend you all check this out! Such a great concept for an album and there is a lot of great relationship advice embedded for both men and women. The tracks are top notch as well. ( A few tracks I haven't heard from Kel) Production is good and the lyrics are what we've come to expect from Kel.

A track to definitely check out is "Questions Questions" I won't give too much away but genius! Check it out people! Support the cause!

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