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any challengers


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ahhaah thats funny i would never do dat ur too garbage to verse

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

It was all a scheme i used to load the teck with the magazine

so i was mean but i still had a scheme

13 years young everything seemed fun

still considered a veteran cause i feared none

Block's from the street where there aint no rules

but carried heat cause he ain't no fool

Aint no wrong for dollars in negative digits

so debted followers and got rid of the quitters

that never forget us cause we've been down since the

Genesis 200 horse power to 400 lexus

the messages don't sleep till its over

next thing you know shorty seven feet

tippin' over i'm still in the water drownin'

Knights and murder till the immortal MAD block

threw me a life preserver now im ice forever

stomach bustin' out the white carrera

life is better now n*ggas wanna rhyme together

ay que sera! what can i do but take you to strive

ay que hago! i hope the streets dont take me alive

you wasted your life and refused the struggle while

i aim for the sky pay dues and bubbles I WIN!

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Whoa, your style so simple boy with no domination//

You pose no threat, your hoping for peace deceleration//

You spitting whack topics with your elementary delivery//

I’m just opening the first door in my mansion of artillery//

Your just like Lil Bow Wow, making the glory rap reign//

Just like gangsta rap, everything you spit sounds the same//

I can see from my superiority your style will just corrode//

Your falling to the ground as my lyrics make you explode//

Don’t know why I battle you, it’s a complete mismatch//

My lyrics stay def, your on a permanent bad patch//

With this battle I’ll be on the right side of the decision//

Unanimous, you get a voter they need tested vision//

I’m slamming you, you’re left with mental deficiencies//

I’m blowing right past, without stress, doing it with ease//

You may be spitting stuff now, but you can never last//

If this was a hip-hop quiz, I’d get a 100 percent pass//

Vocabulary is so def, I’m using words ya never noticed//

Your trying to rhyme but the finished product is hopeless//

Trying to act hard, but it comes out as defeated frustration//

I’m victorious leaving you in a coma of hallucination//

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