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Renagade Tim vs. Maddblock

Guest Da Triptic

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wise werds to some one i would serve man u ppl are messed up y dont u just give props were props is due damn actually i dont have a grudge versues tim ne moreits erbody else everyone is always tlkain with no back up and always sayin my rhymes r wack but theres are so good i dont see it i reele dont forget all of u MADBLOCK

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no offense to madblock and renagade tim but.....

frankly i just skip over your posts cause i dont wanna take the time to translate them. i seriously feel like im a teacher grading an essay writen by first graders about the complexity of the human mind.......its that hard to understand

...........but hey, im white

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what the fine folks are saying here is.......it is hard to understand what you are saying when you use the wrong vowels....."Do you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth?" :) internet slang is fine, but when you incorporate *click click* from that african tribe into english....we get lost....no disrespect sirs...

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