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kbfprince vs mizery da kid/ aka day day

Da Brakes

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as I grab the mic and rip it watch your friends become your foes

Youd need a whole firehouse to extinguish the heat of my flows

Kid Kid can brag all he wants, but you’re lowly until ya show me

Mama said knock you, my rhymes collided with ya dome homey

You can't slow me, I'm in sync like bye bye bye

Not bubblegum but packed with enough blows to make ya cry

You could say you’re blind and avoid typing a response

Cause I put ya in a state of mind so eerie that it haunts

Breaking intoa sweat at the lyrics aimed at you by kbf

Its not fair? if u wanna make the calls then be a ref

Your flow is comparable to a snails, just cant go any faster

mizerys shaken up, but you can’t escape it like natural disaster

Staying stationary as you make a fool outta yourself in the battle tourney

Even your shadow stays away, the sun dont shine for ya homey

So gather yourself cause youve witnessed ur own eviction

don’t come with prewritten composition or itll leak out 2 the jurisdiction

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paper spinin cant read between the lines

beat ya kbf up leave ya family victimized

cut her mothers meat from her nipples to her thighs

ya brother in shock she neva seen his sister cry..

talkin all that smack now u actin like u shy

neva been a killa but i meat let u die.


n lyin in a grave u cant ask the question why

neva own a gun but a knife serve me well

u a snitch on ya block first one 2 tell

me. I keep my mouth shut like a chick

that dunt give brain

cause messin wit Mizery da kid will only leave u walkin wit a cane

wow wats wrong wit dis kid is insane?

Try 2 compete wit me n I left to shame

n the problem is I dunt even remember ya name.

How u gunna be a prince wen we all now you a gurl?

Im lookin past u who the next in line

got me battling a chick that cant even ryhme

ya ryhmes is fairytale like once apon a time

Edited by mizery da kid/ aka day day
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