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'Yesterday's Tomorrow' cleans up at film festival!

Da Brakes

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I don't know if you guys remember the short film I showed you all called 'Yesterday's Tomorrow' well as you know it was entered into a film festival and it WON!! For more details click here:


I'm soooo happy! :pony:

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WOW that is AWESOME Brakes!!! CONGRATZ!!! :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

I haven't seen the movie yet, I tried to download it yesterday but it was going to take way too long on my dial-up. I'm getting high-speed in the next week or two, so don't take the link down!

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Congratulations then!

Apart from that, may I say something about your website? You offer mp3s to download-which is cool- but you should add the lyrics of these songs on your site... Just a suggestion...

Thats all being incorporated into my new site!

Plus you made a big sacrifice my smoking that nasty cigarette

I tell you that was one of the most discusting things I ever had to do! I don't know how smokers do it! :thumbdown:

Thanks everyone!!

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