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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Let's try this...

Hymn Strings

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-Souls of Mischief (i'll count em as 1 because they are a combined force)


-Lyrics Born

-Fresh Prince

-Chuck D


-Dres The Black Sheep

-Chali 2na


-Abstract Rude

That list is always changing of course...

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These are my 10 favorites, I know a lot of great ones I missed but here we go:

-FP of course

-LL Cool J


-Chuck D

-Slick Rick






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my top ten:

-jjfp/big will

-busy bee

-double trouble

-beastie boys

-wu tang clan

-pete miser

-kid 'n play

that's about it (I know the list dosen't contain 10 listings, but technically:

-jjfp/big will =1

-busy bee = 1

-double trouble =2

-beastie boys = 3

-wu tang clan = 9

-pete miser = 1

-kid 'n play =2

that's 19 MCs!!

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No, it's not as if every rapper has a forum after themselves. This is one of the better forums with a solid core of contributors. Only Chuck D's can compare on that list...

Do you like FP at all?

Sure. Just cause he's not in my top ten doesn't mean I don't like him as a rapper. I respect him even more as Will Smith the man than Fresh Prince the rapper. FPOBA was and still is my ish. I do like that "Code Red" cd. I just thought I'd answer y'all questions, no please cease with the inquisition. :kekeke: :bat:

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