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Which Producers Should Will Work With?


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Well I thought about this for like the whole day :jusmindyabizness:

Ofcourse fisrt choice is Jazzy. But lets keep him out of this.

Belive it or not...I want Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas to work with Will. He made some of the coolest most positive Beats I know. And he`s made some realy cool Old School Beats like on the BEP Song "Like That" and "They Don`t Want Musik". And he makes those realy Reggea type of Beats. I realy feel his Beats. I would like to hear Will with some BWS Style type of Lyrics over a Beat like that one from "Don`t Lie". I would like to hear more agresive Songs on Beats like that one from "Like That" and stuff. I think Will.I.Am would be a realy good choice to work with Will. Caus of the Vibes.. They just match. If this was about for example LL I would choose Dre or something. I think Will.I.Am is a greatproducer. He should show that more in the Singles caus they mostly aren`t the one with the best Beats. Ah well they sell...

What ya`ll think? Which Producers do you want to work with Will?

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That is an interesting thought, it would be cool, but I really would like to see him get a beat from Swizz Beatz or the Neptunes, they are always real catchy and uptempo that he could really flow over.

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I think Will should do a track with Wyclef

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I rather have quality music rather than having a bunch of commercial producers on it just to sell a lot of records, I don't want another "Big Willie Style" even though that was dope, basically like Tim said the ones who produced "Code Red" are the ones that I'd rather have on it 'cause that's the best produced album with all the raw hip-hop tracks, add Johnny Juice from Public Enemy, KRS-ONE, DJ Premiere, and Wyclef like I said before to get some quality hip-hop records produced for Fresh Prince to rip.

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