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will smith DVD Appreciation


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I got the DVD a couple of days ago and I just finished watching it. kudos for all the clips.

my favorite part was when I saw that they started the first grammy awards of the new millenium with will (back then I didn't really care about popular music, I still don't, but now I like will for other things besides the fpoba reruns I grew up watching. )

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yeah thats it..you cant get them dvds anymore so those that have em be glad u got those clips.. the greammys have always shown Will love it would be great to see jjfp and mary j blige perform tell me why on the 06 grammys

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Yeah, the dvds are dope!! I would have never seen any of these clips if I didn't get the dvd. I like all the interviews with Will and Jeff. One thing I liked on the JJFP LIVE dvd was seeing Will win the 3 pt contest, and then bragging to Magic Johnson afterward in a joking way :rofl:

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i've only watched half of the JJFP live dvd but it's incredible!! the Im Looking For The One performance is dope and i liked Girls Ain't Nothin' But Trouble Live too. i can't wait to see the rest of the footage.

the only gripe i have about the dvd is the picture quality. and surprisingly it's not with the static or the fuzzyness or anything cuz i understand that video tapes have bad quality. my gripe is with the smoothness and framerate of the content. i can tell that Tim had to rip this all onto his computer and when it got transferred it lost some frames cuz u can tell especially when there's fast movements going on. i'm sure if u had a standalone dvd recorder it would look perfect but then again it would be hard to make 30+ copies of the same dvd over and over.

bottom line: it's worth the money so far, i can't wait to see the rest!

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:word: I'm Looking For The One was an amazing performance! Jazzy Jeff was singing!! :mygod: That's probably my favorite performance, as well as Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble, that one was great! The dancing was hilarious! :kekeke:

Overall these are some totally awesome dvds! I love them!! :2thumbs:

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