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Whats your favorite dance moment on FPOBA?


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when Vivien and phill danced the forbbiden dance in the livingroom then Will when down in the stears and screamed earthqueak!!!!!!!!! that was soooo funny (and the dance was cool!)

then the show started if I remmember corectly...

That was definatly the best one in my opinion. :lolsign:

Definitly agree :word: :2thumbs:

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all these are very very funny and pretty good..... BUT

the best and funniest dance in my opinion was when carlton overdosed on will's pills to stay awake and he was dancing like 300mph at the dance and he jumps off the chair and yells.... lol

my next favorite is when Will and Ty start dancing with Bell Biv DeVoe when they were shooting a music video in the living room

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well... i have a couple too, but the freshest in my memory right now is When Will & Carlton were in

Las Vegas, doing their "Apache" thingy... LOL


mine are that and when Uncle Phil was dancing next to the baby carriage for a few seconds and Will runs down the stairs and shouts "EARTHQUAKE!"

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