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"See Ya Later", Something Serious for Y'all

Silver Tiger

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u got a dope flow man, i like the fast paced rap, u really handle it well. the audio did sound distorted a little, and it sounded like it was the beat as well as the mic so hopefully u can find a solution to that in the future. other than that i have nothing but good things to say about that track... im definitely gonna listen to it again and again in the future.

Wow, thanks, that means a lot to me. I'm gonna re-record it soon. I'll have a day off on Monday so it should definitely be done by then.

God Blessa!

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Thanks people. I'm gonna hold off on re-recording it again for now and focus on some new songs. "What if Snails Could Blink?" might not be the next song after all.

I know it still sounds a little distorted. But when you play it side by side to the original, the difference is clear. I couldn't really hear the distortion when I was recording it because I always played it back through my headphones. It wasn't until I had saved it and played it in my speakers that I noticed.

God Blessa!

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