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Will Smith Beats 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland Flies Solo At American Music Awards

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This isn't a surprise 2 me. EVERYONE in the bizness wants 2 be cool with FP. That's the way it's always been. And FP is what i've always called him...a "team player." He's cool with everyone, reguardless of the background, talent, or anything like that. There's one thing that's true tho'...50 Cent is the lost in Lost + Found. And FP knows that, reguardless of what he said in that interview.

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I don't think you're going to see Will and 50 on a track anytime soon. You also have to realize that the article took bits of what Will said to fit what they were trying to say. I would like to hear or read Will's full comments backstage before I make any judgements.

I don't think Will should remain silent. He should keep doing songs like L&F and Mr. Nice Guy. I think Will's thinking is on the same level as Jeff's. Are we to criticize Jeff for doing a song with Eminem then later dissing "gangsta" rap in various articles? No. The problem that Will has with rap is not necessarily what 50 does but the fact that there is no variety and diversity in rap. Rap is basically all negative and 50 does negative music. He is a part of the problem but he is not the problem. The real problem lies with the industry heads that only put shine on G-Unit, 50 and others and totally ignoring other styles of rap.

Back in the day, there were cats who did "gangsta" or negative rap. Too Short was one of the dirtiest rappers on earth. 2 Live Crew were nasty with their lyrics. NWA and Ice-T did gangsta stuff. The difference was that alongside those rappers, you also got to hear JJFP, LL, Moe Dee, PE, Kid-N-Play, Heavy D., Biz Markie and others. The playing field was level. It's not like that now.

I wouldn't have a problem with cats like 50, G-Unit, Mike Jones and others if I got to see cats like Talib Kweli, Mos Def, FP, Little Brother, Common and others get just as much shine. They don't and I blame the industry as well as people. People also share the blame because they like crap like G-Unit. For rap to change for the better, people are going to have to change and say no more to this lack of originality and diversity in rap. The industry is doing what it does best - maximize their bottom line. If people demanded a change, then a change will come.

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I understand what ash trey and topdawg are saying here, it's definately more of an A&R and media problem than a problem with the artisst since there's no balance and I understand that a lot of rappers are contradictory but things change over time that makes opinions change so they're not really contradicting like critics might say they are! :word:

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I think this puts Wills comments in a bit of perspective

Tuesday Night saw Rapper 50 Cent’s tough-guy reputation preceding him at American Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium.

Matchbox twenty’s former front-man, Rob Thomas, who was up against the notorious hip-hop star in the category Favourite Male Artist – Pop/Rock joked that he was more scared to win than to lose against 50 Cent. Obviously, Thomas sighed with relief when neither he nor 50 Cent won the award. Will Smith confidently snatched the award from them and stated he was no more Mr. Nice Guy!

Will Smith joked backstage that after beating 50 Cent, he was going raunchy with it! He warned his wife Jada that she was in trouble that night! However, Smith turning serious praised 50 Cent and other hip-hop groundbreaking artists. He stated that one cannot get to the top without some level of truth or hopefulness to the material.


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Yeah well actually it was probably a media member backstage that asked Will about 50 Cent, it reminds me of how every football player is forced to comment about Terrell Owens right now who's another famous controversial figure, that sorta throws everybody into a corner like if they say something negative about them then more controversey'll happen so you have to be politically correct about what you say, Will probably got no beef with 50 but I'm sure he probably disagrees a lot with what 50 does but he doesn't want beef so actually you could understand why Will praised 50 there, it's all good and it shouldn't be taken that seriously...

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"There's a lot of darkness in the world, and I'm committed with all the strength I got to bring the light. ... It's hard sometimes,"

what a great quote!

Well i agree that some1 probably asked Will what he thought of 50 and Will replyed like that. I think the only reason is, hes not gonna be a bad loser and diss the guy hes just beat, remmember hes a nice guy. If u look at what Will has said about 50, he doesnt praise him THAT much, he just answers the question and not annoy any1. im very doubtful that Will would actually sit and enjoy a 50 album.

Then when he "disses" people in songs, he never mentions names with some exceptions. We know deep down who he means, but does it not to start beef with any1.

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