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well its my forum so I feel an obligation to reply to every post :kekeke:

I do have to admit you've done one heck of a job with this site, I wish I could create a site like this. I've never been part of a forum where everyone was as cool as the people here are. Thanks for making this site man.

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I think you are doin a great job too man.. you're english has come a long way.. great job! :bowdown:

ohhh thank u made me blush...

well when I wrote hate of Will and not Hat it was funny

and when I wrote Will is Wack when I thought it's a good thing that was funny 2... and imbarsing...

I promiss 2 b a good hype fan... :bowdown:

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Yeah this is a great site! At other forums, it's like just a bunch of fans talking, and here it's like we're all family and we know each other. This site is the greatest, thanx Tim for spending the time and effort to put this together for us hype fans!! :rockon: :2thumbs:

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500, 000 dear god.. if i'm still doin this site when we hit 500, 000 i may have to kill myself :lolsign: :lolsign:

well we are doing 50.000 posts a year, so by that i would say that in about 9 years well have to say goodbye. :lol:

just kiddin'

hope to have you with us for plenty of more years...

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