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R. Kelly + Jay'z "Unfinished Business."  That album isn't bad, i just wish Jay-Z wazn't on it.

:werd: I ain't buying it 'cause I don't like Jay-Z that much anymore and "The Best Of Both Worlds" was wack, it'd been dope if LL Cool J was doing a whole album with R.Kelly 'cause I love that song "I Got To Get Her", what's R. Kelly thinkin' to do 2 albums with Jay-Z! :dunno: :bang: R.Kelly's a great artist but the worst move in his music career was to do a whole album, I could take 1 or 2 songs collaborated together but a whole album! :what:

Yeah, i didn't like The Best of Both Worlds album much. A few trax are alright tho.' The 1st album came out during the time that the sextape scandal hit and people didn't really support it. They thought the scandal waz the reason they album didn't do good (and why they cancelled the tour)...so they wanted 2 go at it one more time. This album isn't really bad, a few of the trax are really good. I doubt i'll be listening 2 it more than once a year after this month is over.

I think one reason R. Kelly did it 2 even out the music he's been putting out. His new albums are gospel and soulful "steppin'" music. He hasn't dropped some straight R-N-B in about 4 years other than these Best of The Both Worlds album. Sadly he's missin' the mark by doing albums with Jay-Z.

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I'm actually listening to R.Kelly's "Chocolate Factory" album right now, it's a dope album, he's an artistic genious, he's still the best in R&B right now, he don't need to be doing albums with Jay-Z. :ditto:

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Lauryn Hill is supposed 2 be comin' back out soon. The Fugees got 2gether for a show or 2 but i don't think any albums or touring is planned. As much as they need 2 come back, i think it would be stupid 2 step on the toes of Wyclef's and Lauryn's news albums by focusing on The Fugees. Then again, the course of their albums will probably be slowing down by the time the album would be ready.

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Karma...Alicia Keys..."now yooooouuu"

Over and Over Again...Nelly and Tim Mgraw..."it's all in my head"

Drop it Like it's Hott...Snoop Dogg and Pharell...."drop it like it's hoooot"

I'm loving all these songs right now, I go nuts when I catch 'em on the radio :kekeke:

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