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Has anyone else been watching season 2 of all of us. I just thought i'd make this topic in appreciation bcoz its better than it gets credit for.

Ive been watching as much as i can from season 2 and i think its hilarious, not as good as fpoba or my wife and kids but its still one of my fave sitcoms.

In this season so far the cameos have been, Xzibit, Mario, Jaden, James Avery (uncle phil) and twista, which i was surprised that they got some big ones supporting the show.

Also there was an episode on the other day where Robert (character based on Will), had to choose between hosting his old show"Mr LA" which him and his friend had built up over years, or to move to do a bigger and better paid job at "entertainment tonight". I know its loosely based on Will and Jada's life but its fun to spot what really did happen in thier life.

Robert chose movies.... i mean Entertainment tonight over Mr LA.

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i think the first two seasons we're pretty good, b/c Will and Jada were more involved but this third season i'm not really feeling, it's like the entire story line has changed and it's just not as good without Elise Neal, in my opinion...i doubt it'll make a fourth season, but it has had it's funny moments...UPN does a good job of screwing up what could be great shows

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Yeah I been trying real hard 2 catch All of Us. But the show just isn't the same. The first 2 seasons were real funny. But after they cut Elise Neal from the show not as funny like wat Miss Ashley said

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we got a little treat on monday's episode though Angel, Jonelle came back so that was pretty cool cuz her and Dirk are crazy together, there's also a little something going on but i don't wanna spoil it for anyone who's keeping up with the other seasons, but if nobody cares, and wants more info/spoilers on episodes, go here:


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