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Biggie's mom criticises Diddy and Lil' Kim


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You don't think what Puffy's doing to the Lox is shady though? The only difference between him and Suge Knight is that he tries sugarcoating that he cares about other people but he only cares about himself and his ego, he signed artists for his benefit, not theirs, he's destroyed his artists careers on Bad Boy the same way Suge Knight did with Death Row.

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I gotta agree with Ted. Puffy is mad shady. Sure, he may not carry the infamous rep that Suge Knight has but Puffy is just as shady. Remember the incident where he beat Steve Stoute over the head with a champagne bottle for showing the un-edited version of Nas' Hate Me Now? Or how about Shyne having to take the fall in that shootout at that club a few years ago?

Puffy is mad greasy and is really no different than any other record executive.

This is what I think of record label execs and labels in general:

"Industry Rule No. 4080/Record company people are shady!"

- Q-Tip, from ATCQ's classic Check The Rhime

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