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What's your fav Hip Hop album of 2005?


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Beside Will's album what's your fav Hip Hop album of 2005?

First I have to admit that I'm not a huge rap fan anymore, almost everything bores me at the moment. I have only bought releases by Kanye, Common, Lil Kim, AZ, Missy Elliott, and Will Smith this year.


1 Lil Kim 'The Naked Truth' WOW! It's really THAT good! There are only two tracks I'm not feeling.

2 Common 'Be'

3 Kanye West 'Late Registration'

(I've been listening a lot to Snoop's album but that was released in 2004)

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1. Will Smith - Lost & Found

2. Common - BE

3. Kanye West - Late Registration

I'm waiting for the new Talib Kweli album and that Fort Minor joint, but these are my fav albums so far!

Yeah, the same for me!!I put K west at number 3, I like his album but I prefer college dropout... For me Lost & found and be are the best albums of this year!

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Common "Be"

Public Enemy "New Whirl Odor"

Little Brother "Ministrel Show"

I'm looking forward to the Redman, Ghostface, and Fugees next month

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