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Rare Will Smith DVD Sale


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if you are having trouble ordering from that page simply pay me using my e-mail hierohero@optusnet.com.au also send me your address and what you want

or PM me or e-mail me your e-mail address with what dvd you want and i'll send you a money request so you can pay


The "add to basket" button does not work for the Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Live DVD. The button linked me to the login page of the PayPal website.

I want to order the Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Live DVD.

okay that is working now


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you could go to your bank and transfer the money into my bank account.. if you sent me a cheque it would be more plus id have to wait 6 weeks for it to clear before I could send you the DVDs.. paypal is the quickest and easiest way at this stage

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Yeah $6 a DVD would be nice but where are you going to see Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince perform "Skys the limit" Never released track and they performed it on TV in 1989. They will never re-air it, and basically you can't get it anywhere. Jazzy Jeff's starter add from 1994, you will never be able to see that again. JJFP performing I wanna Rock and I'm Looking for the one Live is incredible to me, outside the 5 albums its probably the best thing I own. All I'm saying is if you do get the DVDs and you are a fan you won't be disappointed, and this is your last chance. :word:

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