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Paul Gascoigne's manager of my hometown club


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Not that many of you would know him on here but im sure the Brits and the older Football fans will remember Paul Gascoigne.

He's now manager of my Hometown Football Club Kettering and i got to meet him yesterday after his first game in charge. He signed an old ENlgnad shirt of mine.

Not quite as cool as meeting Will Smith but still pretty ace as a football fan

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Why ya gotta be so negative?

I think he'll be around until atleast the end of the season. He's part owner so a short term plan clearly isn't on his mind

Good news is the club finally has money, so even if he did decide it wasn't for him, or he didn't enjoy the Kettering boozing we have cash :2thumbs:

Tomas Brolin was second choice for us Lerkot but we didn't have enough pies for him.

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Negative and negative... considering his past, im defintely only being realistic. But there havent been any scandals about him for a year or so so maybe maybe.

You know you dissed you own hometown clubs chairman when you said Brolin was the second choise? ^^

Ah well, we got lots of pies here in Sweden so you better worry about Martin Jol consedering moving here.

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Lerkot i think that was quite harsh of you just to rub that in.

Abit rude and unfriendly in fact.


PS get you facts right aswell, He got sacked and wishes to buy the club from the chairman. I wouldn't really call that leaving as such.

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