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Dear Momma Remix


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i really gotta thank you for the things you did,

im a teen now ma you raised from a kid,

adolescent, i been at it for a secoand,

i had to make this record, ma you know that i respected,

you from day one,

nomatter what im still your son,

the oldest one, outta two,

no telling what i'd do for you,

you love me well i love you too

sometime i stop an think of you

when im on the move.

i swore that i knew

everything through my view

but i was still behind you

sometimes things blind you

an i was to blind to see

that where ever i was you were right beside me

standing there watching me

blocking me, guiding me

who woulda know there was this side-in-me

who im tryna-be, but lifes bliding me.

my souls fly-ing free, as im tryna-see

you though the fog, i still can see so im movin on

standin strong, whats taking so long

ma let me take you back,in this track,

rewind that, you praised me, raised me

since i was a baby,an now im going crazy

realizing it hard for you to raise a man

now im tryna play my plan, take my hand

when i started rappin you were my first fan

i can't repay that but my plan...

is to show you that i understand....(and)


Laaady,don't cha know we luv ya

Sweeeeeet Laaady,place no one about ya

Sweeeeeet Laaady,don't cha know we luv ya


now aint nobody tell us it was fair

everytime i needed you, you was always there

everytime i bleeded you would always seem ta care

late night you held me when you knew that i was scared

when my emotions were tared, you helped me with my fears

an now im tryna pay you back for all thoes years

that i tore your heart appart,

even if you knew what was in my heart,

you though that i should start, going to bed early

an surly, you ended up being right

you held me through the night

when dad wasn't home

you told my friend when i dint wanna talk on the phone

with you there i was never alone

i sorry if i raised my tone, of voice

you directed my own, choice

told me what was best,

for the coughs and my chest

when i was sick at rest in my bed

you told me put a wet cloth on my head

everthing you said, i remember to this day

somtimes i even sit and pray

that i see you when im older

cuase this world just keeps getting colder

mommys little soldier,i swear i always treat you right

even if we fight somtimes, i say it in my rhymes

i love you nothing gonna change my mind

this plan takes time,

like you molding me into a man

but my plan is to show you that i understand


Laaady,don't cha know we luv ya

Sweeeeeet Laaady,place no one about ya

Sweeeeeet Laaady,don't cha know we luv ya

Verse 3:

now i remeber when we went throguth all that damn drama

when things got rough i could always cout on momma

even if my mind was out of focus

an i was down in the dumps an feeling hopeless

you were always there help me out

there no way that i can tell you now

that some how, you taught me how to be proud

you stood an cleared the black clouds,

from my sky, i still sit an wonder why

you had that look in your eyes

an you were depressed, you got the biggest heart with-in ya chest

momma you is the best, i sure have been blessed

things i usta say i now regret,

i hope you forget, an move on,

togather as a family we soo strong

they say theres gotta be a reason to a begging

you and dad gave me a reason to keep living

an sins are forgivin, (dear god)

now i lay me down to sleep

an i pray for the lord my soul to keep

but if i should die befor i wake

i pray for the lord my soul to take(ahmen)

now momma i've now become a man

an my plan is to show you that i usderstand

you are appricated

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