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Still Up 2 verses


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I'm Still up I can't sleep man, dont feel like i can eat-an

my head hurts, all the way to my feet can

you please call the doctor an tell-em somethings wrong

I listen to hiphop aint no emotions in the songs

so this game is depressing I give up i quit

i can't take it its getting boring an the peaces still stick

i can't move-em along as i wish I could

about 100 mc's an about 5 are good, the rest should ...

just get the hell out the game

I got my head on straight i call-em kanye not kayne

pain is love and love is a vertue

its funny how you tough thinking nothin gon hurt chu

but then they murk-you, an you really get hurt-do

you need some help naw people got it worse

look at new orleans an tell me that aint worse?

it hurts, i see it on the news, crying, pain, and sufferen

hazards, bombs, nukes, and lame destruction

befor you get behind the wheel you read instructions

cause you go to fast you might crash an go "through the wire"

I come with a message I'm the rap church's choir, i'm on fire!

Radio on 3am I'm still up

go back to the fridge new cup an i fill up

iced tea drink drink drink it all up

down my throat to my stomach an i get another cup

my mom says i should stop because i drink so much

might have dibetes or such, clutch forward gear one

I run the game even when the years done

cause i aint hearing nothin worth while to listen to

its usher an alyshia keys boo i'm miss you..

do you even try to talk or look at me

cause i need your support baby don't you see

i give you ice big enough to go skatin on

tag along, most rappers just doctor suse sing alongs

an its really geting childish,

i can't wait to blow up an destroy this ish

hiphop's in a new state, new time new place

an ya'll wonder why

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