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50 Cent Billboards Taken Down After Protests


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i swear i think one of those shootings gave 50 brain damage. some wires got crossed in there cuz his thinkin is outrageous. he doesnt know why people think he's negative and he doesnt understand how a gun on his billboard can be violent. somebody slap me silly :paperbag:

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Actually some people protested Pac and Biggie too if I'm not mistaken but they had more people defending them and they weren't trying to get kids to buy their product either the way 50 Cent does.

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Yeah I think there was a group of women over 10 years ago that was protesting against gangsta rappers like 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Biggie that were calling women bitches and hoes, they'd take a whole bunch of their CDs and step on them. btw, Will would've caught some controversey for "Bad Boys II" if there was posters of it on elementary school buildings 'cause he and Martin Lawrence were holding guns too but he knew better than to promote the movie for young kids to watch since it's rated R and it did quite well without controversey 'cause he has enough of an adult audience that like him anyway, 50 Cent probably knows that he won't be able to get enough adults to watch the movie since most of his audience is just kids so that's why he had to do that, I pity those parents who'd take their kids to go see it too though, they deserve to be dissed too. :shakehead:

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Yea but the point that Ted is trying to make is that 50 cent's music is directly to the kids, and Biggie's music was for mostly adults at the time. Don't get me wrong Biggie's music was heard by Children all the time but 50 cents main music sales come from kids, And Big's was different, he didn't mean to sell it to the kids, 50 cent does. Get me?

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