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hey, please i hope i get clemency sort of, cause u guys live in deveolped and advanced countries while i don't. i live in nigeria and u know what internet access can be down here, u don't wanna know. i go like twice a week to surf the net and i don't use this site like i would have liked to. and speaking of africa, i'm i the only african member of this site?
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Yep i'm here representing the Kettering massive.

Been lidteing to your tracks for the first time on your site Da Brakes, Your a talented fellow aren't you. Never could get to grips with that soundclick thing so glad you got them up prperly on your site.

Let us know if you eva make it onto Channel U. Or you need a cheap music vid putting togeva.
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It's not terribly far from Cambridge, its near Northampton if you know where that is.

BTW Da Barkes i sent you an email, not sure if it went to your msg drawer on this site or to your actual email address.
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