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"wave em off" cd


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Yeah, the more I listen to it, the more I love "We Won't," it is really good lyrically, and has a lot of energy.

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ok well i gave the cde to one of my g-unit loving friends..........................................suspense.....................................................................................................

and he put the cd on his ipod, he liked it!!!

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Comin To The Stage

Don't Say Nothin'

Born To Reign

Lost And Found

I Wish I Made That - Swagga

So Fresh


Numero Uno

im all that


Shadow Dreams

It's All Good

Im Comin

He's The D.J., I'm The Rapper

I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)

Miss. Holy Roller

Tell Me Why

The Rain


Out of those I would remove

Uuhhh - There are better songs.

He's the DJ - Prince's voice is childish on this track.

The Rain - Good message but not his best lyricly.

Loretta - Not even close to his best work.

I would go this way:

1-The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff

2-Just Rockin'

3-Brand New Funk

4-Time To Chill

5-Jazzy's Groove

6-You Got It (Donut)

7-I'm All That


9-Caught In The Middle

10-Can't Wait To Be With You

11-Shadow Dreams

12-Just Cruisin'

13-Chasing Forever

14-Just The Two Of Us

15-I'm Comin'

16-Potnas (-the part where he's talking to his dad)

17-Born To Reign

18-Lost & Found

19-Tell Me Why

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i made another cd with all old school excpet one track....wave em off

ok this is offtopic but i feel that i dont need to make a new thread cause it wouldnt be worth it but, does anybody feel that who stole the dj and and then she bit me extremely similar...maybe you all know something i dont like who stole the dj is the sequal track or something. just a thought

back on track. i cant tell you if he liked it or not cause i gave the new cd to him today. track list is from what i have so i dont have all his old school stuff (no rock the house or hes the dj)

Wave Em Off

The Reverend

Somethin' Like Dis

Jeff Waz On The Beat Box

Just One Of Those Days

Pump Up The Bass

Can't Wait To Be With You

The Things That U Do

I Wanna Rock

Ring My Bell

He's The D.J., I'm The Rapper

Parents Just Don't Understand

I'm All That

Too Damn Hype

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

i did the mix very quickly and didnt put the same though into it as the first one, but i added something like this, jeff waz on the beat box.. i feel we forgot ring my bell! so i added that. i realize now that i put hes the dj on both mixes whoops

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I just made a purely old school hip hop Disk.

Takin It to the Top

The Magnifacent

Rock the House

Just Rockin

Here We Go Again

Brand New Funk

As We Go

He's the DJ

Rhythm Trax

Live @ Union Sqr

Jazzy's Groove

Numero Uno

I'm All That

Trapped On the Dance Floor

Somethin' Like This


I Wanna Rock

Pump Me Up

PS: I take back my coments about "He's the DJ" the lyrics are tight and I hadnt heard it in a Loooooooooong time. My Bad.

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