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Feb 14 season 3


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Valentines day huh, well if I get a girlfriend til then, she will have to do somethin else that night cause im gonna watch some fpoba

Oh dear, if you did that you would be so dumped :stars:

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The 3rd is the best season of THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR. The show got more adult with this episodes and jokes / writing are on an higher level here. Plus, this season had the highest ratings on Nbc. From the 4th season the ratings went downhill instead of growing.


1) Season 3. 10/10 --> Best season, nothing to say.

2) Season 4. 9,5/10 --> Best opening of season, i like the jokes.

3) Season 2. 9,5/10 --> Better than the 1st season, good storylines.

4) Season 6. 9,5/10 --> The last season doesn't have any red line that you can find for example in the 2 previous seasons. Sometimes lacks in originality.

5) Season 5. 9/10 --> Good season, with some emotional episodes. But for me it doesn't have outstanding episodes.

6) Season 1. 8,5/10 --> Just pure fun and non-sense. Will's acting wasn't the best, but he was funny, smart 'n' crazy in this season. Some episodes lack in writing and "speed".

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I was reading on this site that the special feature on season 3 will be a cast reunion featurette with all new footage !


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Well. I don't hate the cover. I hate the fact that they used a promotional picture from Season 1 for the front cover and a promotional picture from Season 4 for the back cover.

Also, the extras were changed! No cast reunion, look @ the back cover:




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