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Anyone watching ''Everybody hates Chris'' ?


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I'm watching Everybody hates chris, very great tv show,

also very funny and during the first episode in the beginning at 1:14 you hear in

the background ''Wild Wild West'' and then at 7:44 you hear Candy from the album BWS,

then at 17:21 you hear the tune of Just the 2 of us at the background.

3 songs in the first episode, all background music for a couple seconds I immediately

thought about the friendship between chris and will.

It was good to see and hear

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1984..you knew jam on it was gonna be coming :lolsign: I watched the first episode pretty good.. those songs typhoon were stevie wonder.. candy from cameo and just the two of us from bill withers all the originals not Wills :2thumbs:

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