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templeofhiphop.org suspended


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KRS' website www.templeofhiphop.org is obviously suspended, I wonder why... Dont know if the site got a little too political or something... KRS and his gang should hire a web hotel from a nation where you are allowed to speak more than in the USA, a more democratic place... like Cuba. I'm tired of getting wise american websites suspended by really really SICK laws, you guys should go creat a riot or somethin because this aint good... damn im angry.

Lets just hope that KRS solves this problem.

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They're probably either updating it or they're banning it for being too "smart", first they're getting on NBA players for wearing street clothes and now this, lol, corporate America really does hate hip-hop after all I guess.

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I'm sure KRS could afford it 'cause he's a millionaire.

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