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ok well everyweek on Friday night i wanna do a show on the radio called "Blazin big 10" so i need ya'll help to make this work. everyweek i need ya'll to post here with the date and your top 10 songs. I will play check the numbers see how they stack and play the tracks in order from 10-1 alright.


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Well i'll be up for it, however you may get a huge loist with no clear top 10 from it.

I vote for that new Mariah track with Jermaine Dupri, thats hot.

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so far the list is

boogie down productions- bridge is over

mariah carey Ft. jermaine dupri - shake it off

ll cool j - feel the beat

rev. run -mind on the road

the game- Dreams

redman- rush the sercurity

lil kim last day

cassidy- can't fade me

112 - you already know

will smith -party starter

will- just the 2 of us

will- tell me why

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