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Will working with black artists in hollywood

Mos Def

Should Will work with more black actors/producers?  

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  1. 1. Should Will work with more black actors/producers?

    • Denzel Washington
    • Samuel L. Jackson
    • Ice Cube
    • Spike Lee
    • John Singleton

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I don't like 2 label thing 'black' and 'white' and Will's never based his career off satisfying one artists. I don't care who Will works with as long as they are creative, talented people that Will has chemistry with and shares a similar vision with. I wouldn't say ALI waz for 'black' audiences...it's waz a movie about an American icon. When i saw the movie on Christmas when it opened, the audience waz multi-colored. In fact, i knew more white people who saw the movie that night than i did black people...and i know all kindsa of people.
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I'd love to see him in a movie with Denzel Washington just because I think he is a wonderful actor...
I agree with AJ I don't like to hear things like this is for a white or black public, I've seen Ali a lot of times, when I went to the cinema 98% was white...Most of people who live in here is white and tv shows with black people like fpoba, family matters, moesha, hanging with mr cooper, sister to sister.....have been very popular in here...
about Will i think he has a big public over the world, white, black, chinese.....and people like me will go to see his movies always(if they look good :thumb: ) without thinking if the movie is 4 a public specially...
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I voted 4 Denzel cuz he's probably the best actor out of those listed and I can definitely see he and Will alongside on screen. I've also always wanted 2 see them do something together. I agree tho', that as long as Will's co-stars work well together with him, I'll be fine with it. I wouldn't have thought he and Tommy Lee Jones would have such good chemistry, and what do ya know! :thumb:
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im not that bothered either with what colour the actors r that he works with. I think Will has a good mixture of ppl that he works with and also a wide audience range. Its like his music bith and black and white ppl like it.

and when i saw Ali it was an all white audience, but that bcoz the population of black ppl is about 1% where i live lol.
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