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Aunt Vivs Departure Exposed!!

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that sounds very E doesnt it :kekeke: yeah this one is straight from the archives! if anyone ever wanted to know why janet hubert departed fpoba after series 3 this is an investigative report..

and now remember at the end of this she did lose the lawsuit..

okay check it out..courtesy of jazzyjefffreshprince.com

[url="http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/audio/hubert3.mp3"]Aunt Viv Investigation[/url]
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:eek4: :eek4: :eek4:

What the ....&?¡#"#2????

why she say this to late ??
All of this seems like she wanna take out profit of Will's money, bcos this is not time to take out the cloths in the sun, or may b she's just jealousy :dunno:

but ...mmmm... [color=blue]"Ahhh, No Comments"[/color]??? ---------->that seems like a Will's voice out of context!!!

However, Will is the nicest guy in Hollywood and I´m sure that he never wanted to damage her.
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l read an article from the boston herald in which she was interviewed.she said that the hollywood titan turned on her because she demanded that he behave and act like a human being and she refused to kiss his butt.she also said that she told will to stop being rude to people.But according to will he said it was a case of proffessional jelousy that she wanted the show to be called the aunt vivian of bel air show.She said that she has been in show business for 10 years and this snotty comes from nowhere and gets a show.ln my opinion it was her fault because she was calling will names.ln the boston herald article she said that she lost everything because of him her husband,her house,and her mind.And she said that she has had difficulty getting work because will ruined her name and spread rumours that she was a bitch and difficult to work with and was stalking quincy jones as a result of that she said she has had difficulty getting work.She said that when she sees him on tv she just gets sick because he says that he is a God fearing person and he is not.lt seems she wanted more money but nbc refused to increase her salary.she also said that the parents role on the fpob had been reduced and the two girls had become kind of slutty.and then again she said she thinks the network was mad at her for getting pregnant.ln an interview will said he had nothing to do with her departure from the show.Will said she was a fantastic actress and she made that set feel like a home and that her departure was painful.He also said that the show suffered because of the departure of janet hubert whitten.NBC offered to extend her contract but with fewer episodes that meant less money.she was offered 12 episodes instead of the usuual 21 but she refused to accept that offer.lnstead she sued will smith and nbc but she lost her case.The abitrator ruled that since she was a celebrity will smith was entitled to his own opinion.Daphne maxwell reid who replaced hubert was nervous when she stepped into the role of vivian.She did not need to worry about her new job because she said that other cast members welcomed her with hugs and kisses and will presented her with a dozen roses. Edited by alicesmith
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