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Will involved with AIDS charity work

Da Brakes

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AIDS advocacy groups in Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky are sponsoring a free screening of the documentary A Closer Walk at The Kentucky Theatre, 214 East Main Street, at 7:30 tonight. Shot on four continents, the film communicates the scope and consequences of AIDS through interviews with people living with the disease, leaders and experts. Glenn Close and Will Smith narrate. For information, visit:

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[font="Arial"][color=blue]aww thats so sweet!...hearing stuff like that makes my heart smile....

thanks alot, im the same..and like to see celebrities take time out for good causes and for their fans as well...

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That's grate!!
and the film also count with the participation of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama!!
definitely is necesary watch it, AIDS is involving the entire globe and it's good that the greatest heads and leaders of the world are involved with it.

I like very much that Will S. is in this film, I knew that, he's very peaceful (with some thoughts of zen budism) and so influential in the world... I'm just waiting to see him helping the AIDS to stop. Edited by catcata
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