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Kid N Play is cool. I remember how JJFP was going to be the stars of House Party. Whenever I watch that movie, I can't possibly see it that way. They're some cool everyday brothas. Quite a time ago, there was some news on them,. I remember word that Play was a minister in North Carolina and had stage productions or something like that.

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I love Kid 'N Play!! They are easily one of my favorite groups. Kid has done alot of acting on TV sitcoms (like Sister Sister) and hosted a show or 2. Play has been active in church, working on Hip-Hop/Gospel musicals and stuff. XXL did an article on them about 5 years ago. It said how they don't talk 2 often but remain cool. They don't have any plans 2 reunite but said that people should never say never. Kid waz actually working on new music a few years ago with Def Jef, but i later heard someone on this board say he didn't think it waz time 2 try 2 release any music.

Like JJ+FP, i'd do anything 2 get a new album from them. If u like Kid 'N Play...and u like JJ+FP's Code Red album, u should get the House Party 3 soundtrack. They are definitly 2 different groups, but their career and sounds have always paralleled each other.

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