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Ali and Spike Lee's Bitterness


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Ali ranked #21 on ESPN's list of the 25 greatest sports movies of all-time. Leave it to a bitter Spike Lee to say that the movie was incredibly boring. In case you didn't know, Spike Lee was passed over to direct in favor of Michael Mann. He also said that he tried to get past the surface and all that the movie was to him was surface.

For the record, I loved Ali and felt Will should have won the Oscar for his portrayal of Muhammad Ali.

In the words of Will, "Don't say nothing". Spike really showed how bitter he was and they could have left his comments out of the piece.
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Spike Lee wazn't passed over for ALI. Will came and talked 2 him asking about his vision for the movie and their visions were different so Will didn't want him 2 do it. Spike Lee is definitly bitter but i don't blame him either. Spike shouldn't be 2 mad, after all, he wouldn't have been able 2 make his movie Get On The Bus without Will being one of the people who finacially backed it's production.
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