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Will Smith, Jay Z & Kanye West - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Remix)


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Vipa has got crazy skillz blending...no doubt. I proudly have alot of his stuff on CD 2 listen 2 in the car. However, this just dosen't make any sense. This is exactly what i meant by Fresh Prince making music that Jay-Z and Kanye West just can't hang on. The subject matter makes no sense...and when it comes 2 delivery, even with the way FP's rap barely fits on the song, he still outshines the new jacks. Next time lets see LL or Busta in the mix.

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Me and some of my friends were listening to it last night and The first thing they said was: Tight!!!!

We would love to more of these 3 artists on the same track!!

More! More!! More!!!

I'm a Vipa Mix addict!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

I listening to it right now!!!! I love it!!

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