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Favourite Will Smith movies


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My favorites are:

Indepedence Day

Bad Boys II


Bad Boys

I Robot

Men In Black

I ain't gonna front, I haven't seen "Hitch" yet, but I'm gonna get the DVD when it comes out.

oh man! u gonna love it when u c it...

I won't spoil ur fun by tellin u the storyline..but ONE of my fav parts was when Will was gettin on the (what u call that thing...um...water~motercycle?) lol... anyways..

he mistakenly kicks the chiK in the face... lmbo. That joka was clumsy... :kekeke:

You're gonna love it... :thumb:



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What's up everyone? My first post. :wavey:

I've loved every movie of Will's that I've seen, but my favorites are the "Men in Black" movies and "Enemy of the State." I especially liked "EotS" because it was a different role for him and he proved in it without a shadow of a doubt that he has some pretty good range.

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These are all Will Smith movies I ever saw and this is how I would rank them!

1. Bad Boys II

2. I, Robot

3. Bad Boys I

4. Independence Day

5. Men In Black

6. Enemy Of The State

7. Ali

8. Hitch

9. Men In Black II

10. Made In America

11. Six Degrees Of Separation

12. Where The Day Takes You

13. The Legend Of Bagger Vance

14. Wild Wild West

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