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will's hightops

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can someone the names of the hightops that will wears in the themesong??

I know that there are a few different ones that he wore like the ones when he is on the throne are black while the ones that he wears in the basketball sequence are white I just wanna know what the names of these and any other shoes that are in the theme song
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no, i have never been thinking about which shoes he is wearing. So unfortunately can't i help you, but try to search the internet after other sites where you maybe can find a answer, if you not yet have tryed that.

Greetings DannYDJ
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Yeah, i never paid attention 2 what shoe's his waz wearing. Air Jordans were the shoes 2 have in the 90's and i remember Will wearing them from time 2 time in the early and mid-90's. Some of u might remember the line in Wild Wild West when they are in the flying thing Gordon created and Jim (Will) asks him what he'll call it and his said "I waz thinking...Air Gordon." :roll:
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AIR FRESH!! :roll:

Instead of the Michael Jordan silloette flying thru' the air dunking the ball...they could put the Will Smith Enterprises logo of Will doing the running man and hat 2 da back.
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