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Will mentioned on C-Rayz Walz Track

Hymn Strings

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Old news, but underground animal C-Rayz Walz mentioned Will (and Jada) on his excellent debut LP "Ravipops" at the very beginning of a song called "Battle Me." It starts out:

"Where there's a will there's a way

Where there's Will there's Jada

(and continues...)

I kiss then piss in the face of a hater" (that's C-Rayz for ya) :chuks:

- It sounded a lot closer to paying homage to Will, rather than a diss. I was delighted to hear this from C-Rayz...you never know what's gonna come out his mouth. Anyways, that cd is one of my favorites so I recommend checking it out. He also came out with a cd earlier this year titled "Year of the Beast."

Just thought I'd bring this up in Will's forum...


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Dope, i've listening to his album the last few weeks trying to decide if we're going to bring him over to sweden for a concert.

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That's dope! :thumbsup: That brother could really freestyle, it'd be hot if Will did a song with him, it'd get him some more exposure.

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