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Live 8 DVD Cuts


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alot of performances are being cut from the DVD so they can fit a variety from all the concerts.

some artists have had only 1 or 2 songs cut and some have been cut out of it all together.

so all of Big Will's performance might not make it

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I saw a book about the Live8 concerts in ther newspaper the other day... Will's face was on the cover along with the rest of 'em. I don't think I'll be getting a dvd unless it's got the whole performance on it...

Me neither. I'm glad it's coming out on dvd, cuz I missed the performance!

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I knew this waz coming out cuz i did some research on it, but i didn't wanna post it until iĀ  waz totally sure JJ+FP waz gonna be on there.

It's gonna be november time in the UK, they are trying to fit as much from all the concerts as possible, i'd prefer it if they just put it all on, and not worry about the amount of disc's it takes up

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