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its a conspiracy! you just dont wanna come up against me do u schnazz  :stickpoke:  :stickpoke:  :stickpoke:

I'm banken on Brakes taken ya out. :)

Do you know something I don't!!

I'm hoping your Sonic skills cross over to all old school games. That and the fact that Hero's seriously lacking in game skills. :stickpoke: :mrt2:

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i wanna know how this tournament works. everybody played their rounds and i won my round, but it doesnt show me in the 2nd round and wont let me play. and there's a hole in the tournament bracket. makes no sense to me  :hmm:

I think there's a bug with the tournament software, this happened before. I PM'ed Hero, to see if he know's how to fix it. I have a couple ideas, but I want to see if he knows the "right" way to do it.

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Ok, no "right" way was available, so I started a new tournament with the four players that made it to the next round. Round two is now ready to go.

A side effect of this was that fresh_from_sofia lost her score for this round. Sorry! Her score was 38090, but I'm sure it can be topped. :)

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