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Lil' Kim Might Be Getting 5 Mics?!


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New album in stores Sep 27

Don't judge unless you've heard the album.

I've heard some snippets and they are really hot.

Album Tracklisting:

01. Introduction

02. Spell Check

03. Lighters Up

04. Shut Up B***h Intro

05. Shut Up B***

06. My N***as

07. Slippin

08. Answering Machine Skit 1

09. All Good

10. I Know You See Me

11. W.P.I.M.P.

12. Quiet (Featuring The Game)

13. Durty

14. Answering Machine Skit 2

15. We Don't Give A F**k (Featuring Bun B. & Twista)

16. Gimme That (Featuring Maino)

17. Kitty Box

18. Kronik (Featuring Snoop Dogg)

19. Winners and Losers

20. Get Yours! (Featuring T.I. & Shamel)

21. Last Day

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Lil' Kim doesn't even do many good verses, let alone many good songs, so how could she all of a sudden do a classic album? How many people did she sleep with to write songs for her? :lolsign: The verse that Jean Grae did on "Black Girl Pain" is better than Lil' Kim's whole career! I don't think hell has frozen over yet! :shrug:

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The only Junior M.A.F.I.A. song i ever liked waz "I Need You Tonight." It has Aaliyah on the hook and really good, radio friendly production. Other than that, i hated JM. It waz a collection of rappers with no lyrics and no flow. I just hate them.

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Biggie said it himself that the Junior M.A.F.I.A. wasn't rappers, they were just his crew he would chill with, he signed them and wrote rhymes for them to make an album, they didn't get signed 'cause they would win battles on the streets, I don't think Lil' Kim could freestyle when she never really wrote much of her rhymes ever, Biggie and Diddy had a lot of input on "Hardcore" too, her recent stuff sucks maybe that's 'cause she does it on her own now, if they weren't down with Biggie they'd still be broke, this is what a lot of rappers do, they sign their talentless friends and the ones who really have talent can't get the deals, look at G Unit and D12, Tony Yayo and Bizarre are battle rappers? :rofl:

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