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"Party Starter" Video Tonight!


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2 bad..i missed it..and i dont think it will appear on mtvla :worried: , well i hope y'all will put here the link so i can vote to get this great vid to top! :thumbsup:

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This sounds crazy but the minute we can vote for it, ALL OF US have to

at least VOTE for AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, no kiddin', we have at least

a steady base of members, say 20-50 people, if we vote for a couple hours a day,

that would be a big boost.


:word: It's cool that it's on BET...now it's up to us to vote! We need to make this a huge song!

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I just checked the voting list at BET.com and still don't see it mentioned, usually they put the new video on the list right away, I guess it won't be in the top 10 today if they don't put it on there soon for us to start voting! :hmm:

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I actually tried watching TRL the past few days to see if they would debut it but it was like sitting through nothing! :mad:

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