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Michael Jackson writes song for Katrina Victims


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"Jackson Writes Song for Katrina Victims

NEW YORK - Michael Jackson has written a song to help raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and will soon record it.

Tentatively titled, "From the Bottom of My Heart," the singer plans to ask other musicians to join him in recording it, his spokeswoman, Raymone K. Bain, said Tuesday.

Jackson hopes to record the song within two weeks in the style of "We Are the World," which he co-wrote and produced in 1985 to raise money for famine relief efforts in Africa.

"It pains me to watch the human suffering taking place in the gulf region of my country," Jackson, 47, said in a statement. "I will be reaching out to others within the music industry to join me in helping to bring relief and hope to these resilient people who have lost everything."

Jackson has been mostly reclusive since he was acquitted of child molestation charges in California on June 13.

He has been spending much of his time in Bahrain as the guest of Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, whose label, 2 Seas Records, will produce the single"

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Michael Jackson is a good guy, he doesn't deserve all the criticism he gets, he was declared innocent, the media should leave him alone and let him live his life, he never went to jail for rape, there's other celebrities that do things and go to jail so money doesn't mean you're gonna get away with it, he's always been a positive influence through his music and this song will prove that once again, I wish more people could talk about that, Will should get on the song too with him, they need to look at the "Man In The Mirror" like one of MJ's songs said before they criticise other people, none of us are perfect! :word:

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Perhaps this will throw off the focus of his trial and stuff.

his trial has been over for months

but I'm glad that he's doing other projects, because some people were saying that he was planning on moving out of the USA never to return, so I thought that was the number 1 thing on his list........ I'm glad it isn't

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If I had money I'd move out of America myself, there's too much prejudice here, you try to do the right thing and they kick you down!

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:word: That's true, it's just life, you just gotta live with it that's all!

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