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I was listening to some of Will's Big Willie Style tracks, and i found some interesting information... Ms Holy Roller "Michelle" is actually mentioned on one of the tracks, "I Loved You" off Big Willie style. Lyric goes like this:

"The seeds that that I sowed I can't believe you so deceivin

Sneakin out on the weekends with Michelle

One of your freak friends from the east end she bad as hell"

Im not sure if this was posted before but yeah, maybe this may help answer the question of who "Michelle" is...

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yeah it's been mentioned b4. we can't be sure tho cuz Will could've changed those poeople's names to protect their identities. but it still sparks the question: didn't know that he named 2 characters Michelle? both Michelle's have similar behavior. maybe they are the same person. but i doubt the real person's name was Michelle cuz Will would get in trouble if he used her real name.

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Like i said when this waz brought up b4, i don't see any realistic reason 4 it 2 be the same person. FP dosen't pu people actual names in his music. Sometimes they are fictional characters...sometimes they are people he actually knew re-named. I think this is as far-fetched as the Loretta character being the same girl FP talks about in "Afro Angel."

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the girl Will talks about on Afro Angel isnt named Loretta, she actually isnt named at all. So that is purely just speculation that Loretta and Afro Angel are linked, wherea this "Michelle" is named twice, and have similar behaviour. I dont think its her actual name, Will renamed her "michelle" and is rapping about the same girl. So its not that far-fetched.

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