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Perhaps this should go in Caught In The Middle, but it seems pertinent to voting for Will's music. What's your opinion on programs (software) that would automatically run up the votes on whatever site currently has a poll for, say, Party Starter? Would you find it on the unethical side?

What I'm talking about is a program that each person on the board ran and it just sat there and automatically voted up Will's music over and over. It'd be somewhat intelligent, removing tracking information, voting every, say, 5-15 minutes instead of 1000 times in 10 seconds, etc...

I don't really know what I think about it. On one hand, it does seem unethical. On the other hand, record companies must be doing this already. And hey, it's only a minor cheat to bump up Wills success.

I doubt I'd every make something like this (though it probably already exists), I'm just curious on what ya'll think.

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whatever gets Will/Party Starter success.

one thing i do with some polls is after i initially vote i press refresh and it says something like "This page cannot be refreshed without resending the information. Would you like to resend the information" and i choose yes meaning it votes again without having to go back everytime. it's a lil speedier but still not the best

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