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Now we all know about Pursuit of Happyness being next but what does the future hold.

Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happiness stars Will Smith in the real-life story of Chris Gardner. Despite being homeless at the age of 30, Gardner pursued his goal of becoming an investment banker. He eventually rose through the ranks of some the biggest financial companies including Dean Witter and Bear Stearns, and became owner and partner of a Chicago brokerage house for minorities. Steve Conrad scripts the Sony film.

Here are some projects that Will Smith and his management are considering making!!

Time Share

Nicolas Cage (of the upcoming "Ghost Rider" movie) and Will Smith (one of the most reliable box office stars) have teamed up for the comedy movie, "Time Share," for Columbia Pictures. Smith and Cage will play dads who square off after they find out they've both been booked into the same time share for the same time period. Mark Steilan pitched the script and Columbia Pictures liked what they heard. The movie will be produced by Cage, Smith, Norm Golightly, James Lassiter, John J Strauss, and Eric Tannenbaum.

Affirmative Action

Ben Affleck and Will Smith will buddy up in the action-comedy Affirmative Action set in New Orleans. When a black soldier goes A.W.O.L. after committing a crime, a South Boston cop and a FBI agent who don't share the same racial views are teamed to find him. Affirmative Action was written by Jeffrey Abrams and is currently in development at Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Buena Vista will distribute the picture.

Tonight He Comes

Director Jonathan Mostow will helm the superhero drama Tonight, He Comes starring Will Smith. The story revolves around the friendship between a disturbed youth and a fallen superhero. Vincent Ngo scripted the film produced by Akiva Goldman through Weed Road Productions.

The Mark

Smith will star as an everyman who discovers a strange mark has transferred to his body from the corpse of a Confederate soldier. Although the mark grants him special powers, he also struggles with the impulse to use it for evil purposes.Smith is going to making the movie through his production company and Nickelodeon Movies, who are to develop it later into a TV series.


Will Smith will produce alongside James Lassiter and may star in Pursuit, which tells the story of a murderer and the contract killer hired by the parents of one of his victims to avenge their loss.

Damn spelt Rumoured wrong. I dont know how the R and the P are on different sides of the keyboard. :lolsign:

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