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Kanye West causes controversy on NBC


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another interesting point that no one has brought up: the mayor of New Orleans happens to be black. he isn't getting as much criticism as the president right now although he deserves to along with FEMA according to Max. just food for thought... i'll let u guys take it away on that one.

Well the mayor is responsible for evacuating the people of his city. In fact, he called for it, and many people who could have left, as we can see, didn't leave. I hate to blame him because I can see that the situation is killing him, but in all fairness, he deserves some of the blame as well. In the chain of command, he is the closest to the people and had the first say in how things unfolded. I wouldn't dare say that his inability to get people who could leave to leave had anything to do with racism. But if seems that if this was a white mayor, the issue of racism may have popped up already.

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Just to add fuel to the fire. TD Jakes has gone on record as saying that he doesn't believe that the government's slow response to the disaster should be attributed to racism. He said that it's "not that simplistic." He also called for unity and said that he understands that people are frustrated, but this is a time to come together; blame can be passed out at a later time.

He also mentioned that he believed Bush to be compassionate and concerned, both on camera and off camera as he has been dealing with this tragedy.

It's not all black folks who are accusing the president and government of considering race when it came time to help those effected by the disaster.

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Yeah, what TD Jakes said sounds on-point 2 me. Everyone wants 2 point fingures. How r u gonna point the fingure at the President for something NATURE did?!? And then people are gonna like it's easy 2 get people down there 2 help out WHILE the hurricane is still going on, then after everything is covered in water. I'm not all in2 polotics, but it dosen't take an extreem knowlege on the topic 2 realize why things have happened the way they have.

Back 2 Kanye tho.' My biggest problem with him is just that he has no credibility on the matter. Let me contrast him 2 Chuck D again. When Chuck D speaks, u understand where he is coming from and he approaches topics in a very knowledgeable way. He makes his point and supports it. Kanye has no credibiltly...he has no history of standing up for anything important and his big mouth leaves his statements easy 2 ignore. On top of that, he just says his opinon. There's a difference between making a point and saying "The President dosen't care about black people." That's like someone saying they hate Lost + Found cuz it sucks. Who would care what they have 2 say? Unless they are a person of integrity that is respected...and backs up their statement with facts...who's gonna take them seriously.

I just hear Kanye say stuff like this, and i'm left saying "why should i care what you say" and "why should i respect what you say?" When Chuch D speaks, i listen, when 2Pac spoke, i listened...Kanye needs 2 step his game and his behavior up b4 he tries 2 talk about something serious.

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Some of the problem folks are having with Kanye's statements is this line:

"George Bush doesn't care about black people." This exact same accusation was made in 2003 because Bush hadn't met wtih the Congressional Black Caucus in over two years.

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The government doesn't have enough money to deal with the crisis in NO.

There was a report in the Los Angeles Times stating that the government knew that this was a risk, but did nothing.


Here's an interesting quote:

"Since Bush took office in 2001, local experts and Landrieu have asked for just short of $500 million. Altogether, Bush in his yearly budgets asked for $166 million, and Congress approved about $250 million."

While I think this is more a case of hindsight being 20/20, it's interesting none-the-less.

Earlier you stated that even though FEMA had it's budget cut, the Department of Homeland Security had an increase, causing things to balance out. Could you elaborate on that? That makes no sense to me. Do they now take care of what FEMA used to take care of? If so, why does FEMA still exist?

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Whether or not you agree with what Kayne said or when he said, you'll all have to agree that it's sparking the debate on race which is long overdue.

I think the frustations coming from African-Americans are valid.  The images on television are distorted and coming from a certain point of view.  The fact is that there will probably be more than 10,000 dead.  Everyone from President Bush to the mayor of New Orleans dropped the ball.  The mayor is at fault for not coming up with a strategy to get people out.  The governor is in charge of the National Guard and waited too long to deploy troops.  The president failed because he didn't step in take control when the mayor & governor proved to be ineffective.

What Kayne said is that there is a general mistrust of the government by African-Americans.  We have endured 400 years of slavery. After the Civil War ended, we still endured nearly 100 years of Jim Crow.  We have endured beatings for nothing(Emmitt Till), hangings and lynchings(James Byrd).  While the hangings and lynchings have stopped, the racism still exists on an subconscious level. 

Have you ever been pulled over by the cops because "you happen to fit the description of a person who's just committed a crime?"  Have you ever gone into a department store only to have an attendant follow you around to make sure you don't steal anything even though you can afford everything in the store?  Have you ever walked out of a restaurant with two friends and have a white woman lock her car because she saw 3 black men?  Have you ever had a white woman clutch her purse because you were a black man?  All of these things happened to me - while I was in college.  You have to walk the walk of a black man to understand what Kayne West was talking about.  We see the racism of this country and I think this is why Ted is so emotional about this.  We look at the situation in New Orleans and see not only racism but classism.  I would love not to have to deal with racism and just look at any person of any race as my brother or sister and I do look at everyone as my brother or sister.  The fact is that everyone doesn't share my mindset and reality is that there are people who will look at me and not see a man but a n-----.  I rise above their ignorance but that doesn't erase the fact that the racism is still there.

Well said.

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Yeah I think topdawg made some good points..

I dont think its that unreasonable for people to think race has something to do with the slowness to react to the situation.. many people are trying to find a reason as to the mishandling of the relief efforts.. and thats one option people are coming up with.. I don't know what the answer is myself.. I don't think anyone does at this point.. we'll have to wait for the facts to come out...

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The government doesn't have enough money to deal with the crisis in NO.

There was a report in the Los Angeles Times stating that the government knew that this was a risk, but did nothing.


Here's an interesting quote:

"Since Bush took office in 2001, local experts and Landrieu have asked for just short of $500 million. Altogether, Bush in his yearly budgets asked for $166 million, and Congress approved about $250 million."

While I think this is more a case of hindsight being 20/20, it's interesting none-the-less.

Earlier you stated that even though FEMA had it's budget cut, the Department of Homeland Security had an increase, causing things to balance out. Could you elaborate on that? That makes no sense to me. Do they now take care of what FEMA used to take care of? If so, why does FEMA still exist?

FEMA was consolidated into the department of homeland security. While FEMA had it's individual funding cut largely because of this consolidation, they are now able to call on other branches within the department of homeland security in rescue and emergency relief efforts more easily and are able to work with them more intimately. As a result, the resources of other departments become theirs when they are needed. We've seen how well it worked in the beginning of all of this... :therain: But things are picking up. In general, FEMA has lost funds, but they have gained access to more resources and are still adequately funded to address relief efforts.

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Let me start off and say Maxfly I appoligise for what I said about you and Harvard, I didn't know that'd get you so mad, I'll admit that comparing Mike Tyson to Bill O'Reilly is wrong on my part too, now that I cleared that up let me make one point that'll justify my point further than what I said before, if the media hates negative rappers so much why is it that the most popular thug rapper of them all Eminem is white? I call him a thug 'cause everything he does is disrespectful, sure 2Pac had "Thug Life" tatooed on his chest but that was a philosophy of how blacks are treated in America and a lot of his music has substance, unlike Eminem's. The problem I have with Emimem is that he can't take anybody's criticism, I don't understand why he had to say "F*** Will Smith" just because Will said that rappers need to be role models for kids and not curse so much in their songs, he needs to respect his elders, that'd be like Will dissin' James Brown, it's true though hip-hop is supposed to be for everybody, James Brown started it off and yet Elvis took his style and outsold him too but I'd say Elvis has more substance than Eminem too though, this is what's wrong with society, our heroes are not shown in the mainstream, Eminem is not the definition of hip-hop to me, I think that it's messed up that his 4 albums have outsold LL's 11 albums when LL has kept his music tasteful and respresents everything society would accept as a rapper plus he never got arrested and Em went to jail for gun possesion? Wow if I judge white people off of Eminem like conservatives judge black men off of 50 Cent I'd say all white people are thugs but I know that's not true. Why hasn't any of LL's albums sold more than 2 million? It seems like too every since Will said rappers shouldn't curse in their songs, his sales have decreased dramatically from "Big Willie Style" to the point where Eminem has outsold Will in his career too and is set to outsell 2Pac soon who didn't start sellin' until he got shot, sure "Born To Reign" wasn't his best effort but it had more heart than any of Eminem's albums, I guess all the white kids musta been pissed that Will was saying something negative towards their new hero Eminem. This is ridiculous how all these white kids know the words to all Eminem's songs and yet they never heard of positive mcs like KRS, Public Enemy, or Nas? I know this for a fact 'cause when I told some of my white friends that I like Will Smith they were like, "F*** Will Smith he's a fag momma boy that's too scared to curse, why don't listen to rappers with real balls like Eminem?", lol, I found that funny, I remember those debates like it was yesterday but after I let them listen to some JJFP and KRS stuff they realised that they could rip a mic better than Em, a lot of white kids in the suburbs are ignorant of what real hip-hop is, if they'd open up their eyes then the real mcs like KRS would sell more, I think mostly white kids buy 50 Cent too 'cause he rolls with Em, I can't expect too many intelligent black men feelin' 50. I wouldn't mind if a positive white rapper came along and sold well, at least he'd be keepin' the essence of hip-hop alive, everybody wants to talk about how much skills he has but I'm sorry making songs about killing your mama, killing your wife, calling people fags, and dissing every popular recording artist doesn't take skills! Like I was tellin' fuq last night in the chatroom, Eminem is nothing but a corporate gimmick, he even says it for himself on that special about "Marshall Mathers LP" on VH1: "You wanna know the positive message of my music? F*** you", exactly so that means anybody who buys his music after hearing that is ignorant 'cause being positive is not sayin' f*** you Em, just retire now, I want Rakim back! If all these white kids worship Eminem, I don't even wanna think about what the future of America is gonna be like! Now imagine if a black rapper dissed Michael Jackson? Their video would be banned from BET, the only place that plays their videos the most and the song would be banned from the radio, and they'd lose their record deal, and yet Eminem sells 5 million since it hits #1 on TRL getting more airplay than LL's video "Hush" respecting women? You wonder why I'm mad, it's such a shame! :shrug:

btw AJ, Chuck D likes Kanye West, he gave him props for doing a song to address the issue of conflict diamonds in one of his terrordomes, as much as you like the ol' school and wanna bring Public Enemy back you gotta deal with the reality that Kanye West is the future of hip-hop and Chuck D is cool with that(although he also admits that The Roots and Lauryn Hill would be able to tackle that topic better than him like you'd too probably but that's the best we have right now until they come back too so we gotta support it, if he does well maybe it'll open conscious rap more on mainstream, I hope the controversey doesn't slow down his sales like what happened with PE in Arizona 13 years ago though), Chuck D ain't allowed on TV so Kanye has to represent for us, Will Smith calls Kanye the truth too. To further my point check this terrordome about where Chuck D talks about racism with how they still diss Michael Jackson even though he's innocent:

"Mess-Age To Mike Jax. Tell Em All Get Back. Tell It Like It Is T-Dome Vent 2005 Part 1

July 03, 2005

Well, Sir Michael Jax is acquitted, and yeah I'm happy for him. Recently Billboard's June 25th issue on page 27 had a bunch of cats offering suggestions to Michael under the heading 'Messages to Michael.'

Cats ranging from managers and record execs, to artists (Ying Yang Twins???) had advice that went from anal to asinine. Like I said, I was just happy he got off in spite of. Personally, if he is this pedophile, then karma and guilt will get him. But those idiotic parents deserve it too for droppin those kids off to a forty- something single man's house.

But the deal is was that he was acquitted - innocent and that's that. Musically he should do whatever he wants. After all what the hell can I say ... he's Michael Jackson and has been in this game a lot longer than yours truly.

So Vibe's Serena Kim interviewed me on this and will print this in a similar context talking about MJ from various heads. Here's my response to handling questions on Mike Jaxs' case, career, and future ...

The Dumbassification of America. For Chuck D, the real boogeyman in the Michael Jackson trial is the media.

When they throw a black person up on the screen, there’s all kind of subliminal judgment like, “Yeah! That nigga’s guilty.” It’s the Willie Horton sht all over again. Michael Jackson was acquitted because they just didn't have enough evidence in the case. But he was still trashed all over the damn media. And the persecution might have not been like going to prison. But he’s locked up in the jail of perception. How about that? He’s locked up in the cell of perception just like OJ Simpson.

I’m just saying you can't go on white America's judgment call on how to treat Jackson now that he’s acquitted. It’s over and done with, story over! If Michael Jackson puts out an album, people will say, ‘Well the accused rapist of little boys'. The pedophile accusations will follow Michael Jackson, but is his record any good? More news at 11!’

I’m a fan of Marv Albert, but when he does a broadcast of a basketball game, they don't say, ‘Well, accused rapist Marv Albert will cover the NBA.’ But they always say this about OJ Simpson: “Accused murderer.” Well, he was acquitted. Leave it the fck alone. I saw glaring similarities between the Michael Jackson trial and the OJ Simpson trial. Well after his acquittal, the media will continue to bring this sht up.

Now everybody and their third cousin got a magazine, blog, website, or television program. MTV and the Viacom networks have splintered into like 400 mindless stations. If all this media is out there, why don’t at least some of them cover celebrity' accomplishments? Because they think that if they tell a story about Michael Jackson’s music, it’s not as sexy as the scandal. That reminds me of the kid in the classroom who gets picked on, and that’s why I think that the American public and the media just likes to pick on situations.

And the consumers of the media have nothing better to do with their time but to follow the misbehavior of someone else. You’re trying to pay your bills and raise your kids, you've got little time to be worrying about whether Michael Jackson is going to get off of a case. That’s the dumbassification of America! Most Americans spend most of their time doing dumb sht. You got thousands of people killed in Iraq, and most people really don’t know that number because it’s not sexy enough.

Why is it that if Michael Jackson releases an album, the public doesn’t want to talk about it as much as when he’s suspected of committing a crime? I don’t understand. When it comes to black folks, the media covers our worst. I could do a thousand great things in society which people need to actually understand and know about, but let me my ass walk out of a gas station with a fcking Reese’s white chocolate cup without paying. That **** will be on every fcking news story tomorrow. Then, I’ll be on everybody’s lips. That’s backwards to me.

As many chances as I've given myself not to hate on B.E.T at the end of things I wind up holding the bag of stupidity. Again, let me be a prude, nerd, elitist or whatever, but I rather be stuck up than stuck down. As a grown man in grown circles I guess a lap dance has its place, but even if it's simulated how are you gonna show this on what is supposed to be a family award show? Sorry, I just can't accept adult themes around kids, or when the kids are watching.

Now, Magic Johnson getting a lap dance? What does this mean? Must've been a cruel ass joke or something, eh? Again I've said the second B.E.T got white corporate ownership, out the window went any accountability and responsibility to the black community. B.E.T was cross body blocked at the head and knees by VIACOM in 2000 by taking off Tavis Smiley and Teen Summit almost simultaneously. Uncle Bob Johnson who sold it in lieu of an NBA Basketball franchise in Charlotte gets a Beyonce styled booty lap dance on national TV with her father in the front row, excuse me while I cough up blood here. Damn, does ratings and money mean we lower standards below the tacky line. Makes me sound cantankerous, but I'm telling you this is making that capitol scene in Birth Of A Nation fit in perfect to what I saw. A bunch of hypocritical triple talkers I'd say. A teen idol named Omarion is on the show, why? To make you understood that there's a younger demographic. Then where does the strip club act fit in and to who? And is it appropriate for the CEO to show he's down too...? ...sheeeee.

White folks who now have this mutated existence window itself through the tube probably consider this a march of money making monkeys. We can no longer say we don't care about what people think. These whippings of ass distraction have a place, but again in very dark adult circles. Man, as I say it doesn't do me good baseball bat bashing B.E.T. But you have little choice but to hate on something that just don't love you.

Www.krs-one.com whereas the teacha is trekking across the earth.

Now the reports coming from Europe and the UK are that he's completely devastating sold-out crowds. Now that the king of emcees is bitten with the world tour bug fever expect him in a continent nearest you...yes peep www.krs-one.com or www.templeofhiphop.org.

Yes I thought 'Batman Begins' was rather wack for me, as they changed up the original Art Kane story a bit much. And it's not just a DC Comic's miss and diss as I thought Bennifer was again awful for my time in Daredevil and the Hulk lost and bored me until he started wrecking sht. Now the Fantastic 4 is catching my interest because of being the perfect movie.

Heard Cinderella man was flowing on a lotta myth in points. Still enjoyed it. Didn't dig the fact that James Braddock had his hands in Joe Louise's pocket for about ten years after his unlikely title.

Summer in NY whereas I'm spending a second straight summer in NYC I've never seen so many people and traffic like this year. I guess the 911 fears of post 2001 have dissipated a bit. What'd cracked me up is that cats would warn me to be careful in my world traveling beware of 'terrorists. I would remind them that the missing towers showed no one is clear and safe from what's considered terroristic activities ...hello. just ask somebody from IRAQ.

Speaking of summer in NY. I play on Air America's softball team. Position catcher and first base. We play in Central Park, and Cinderella Man showed the depression era of 1932-35 where Hooverville shantytowns were set up right in the middle of the park. Right now I'm saying we're in a virtual depression covered up by image facades on television, film, videos, media, to make things appear that peeps are much smaller than they appear.

Washington nationals - Dig those sixties vintage Washington baseball caps. The 1961 -1971 Senators wore those in RFK Stadium, and the colors come in dark blue and red. I tell peeps my W never stands for Son Of A Bush's middle name. Instead we're a winner as in Curtis Mayfield.

Not to make this a sports column but the sloppiness of spoiled NBAers chased me to re-appreciate baseball the super sport of greed. But I tell you this, SHAQ brought me back I wanted them to win so bad. Zo blocking shots and DWade doing his thing had my attention. I'd made a special jingle for TNT, which they dug but said they couldn't use.

Shaquille was my number one TV show as he and Damon Jones proved to be a pair constantly leaving me in stitches...I'm getting some SHAQ gear now...there needs to be more cats like that dude....a throwback to how heroes treated their fans...

Jadakiss-styles P have landed on a niche that now befits them as older men. somehow this 'urban' tag on music, entertainment, and radio has successfully detached the word 'black' from it. This way you can have 'other' ownership while using the voices and faces from and resembling the community with little or no responsibility or accountability to it. Black is now again a bad word and by the way I hear the word nigger on the radio, you would wonder if one has replaced the other.

Hitler is on television a bit much isn't he...the joke is the history channel is nicknamed the 'Hitler channel' I wonder how many cats in Austria or Germany changed their surname after he went down...

Sports challenge was a TV sports game show I craved back in the day I wonder if ESPN Classic is gonna rock those old tapes again?

Speaking of tapes why is a mix CD called a mixtape now?

So Terry McMillan now finds now out her husband is gay? I wonder what book is gonna replace this groove? I'm asking why are so many smart black women suffering from 'gadar' malfunction. ( Gay-Dar as in an inner radar for women detecting if their partner is gay, which is basically 'cheating' both sides say) failure today? If dude is wearing two earrings, fighting you for your diamonds (which I always thought was a girl's best friend), fighting you at all, loud color pink shirts, minks, and killing your time in the mirror with his big ass up in it while you find you got more bass in your voice than he does in a shouting match ... then it could be those are some signs. If you find yourself doing more man type work sht around the house than he is he lays on his azz playing kid's video games, and shoutin 'ho' at B.E.T. video chicks ... then what can I tell you? If he treats you like and calls you a bitch ... then those are definitely signs. Again this is not homophobia, it's being straight up.

The gay community needs to recognize that the black community is affected differently, a lie looms much larger than the truth because the truth has always been hidden on just who we are as a people. Maybe there needs to be a Gadar course for black women defining manhood, but then again that's where fathers come in, and what white society needs to know is the absence of black fathers for the past three generations has completely devastated black women. Its been studied and documented on males, but the studies on women are under the radar. The definition of the black man's roles and duties are twisted under the realm of confusion and neglect..or should I spell it nig-lect. Terry's next book should be 'How I Can Get My Gadar Working Right Again'.

Live 8, well it's about time that some of these cats in rap give a damn about things other than themselves. Hats off to Russell Simmons for taking this under his belt. I just don't dig phony sht, but even if its not sincere this is important. Kanye West was almost forced to recognize the diamond trade for what it really is. Perhaps as these cats get older they have little choices but to get smarter as adults.

The Roots, Mos Def, Immortal Technique, Paris, and even L-boogie Lauryn Hill are more sincere choices.

Late last week I stopped by my girl LADY Bs radio show on SIRIUS and we chopped it up. I love B to def. And always hope the best for her always. Also working with her is EC LaRock who also broke my records down there in Philadelphia. Man, need I say anymore? They also broke the news to me that the great, great, great, GEORGIE WOODS passed away. The radio giant who meant soooo much to the people in Philly and in music period. This is why urban media is sht........they spend time talking about Mike Jax shaving some monkeys azz, and can't give the people who spent their lifetime for us the simple time of day. Long live the spirit of Georgie Woods.

I was involved in ESSENCE mag's take back the music seminar, round table moderated by Carlito Rodriguez at the Schomberg Library in Harlem. Also in attendance MC LYTE, ROXANNE SHANTE who has a franchise of hip hop ice cream parlors helping kids in the hood, KEVIN POWELL, SALT from Salt N Pepa, LITTLE BROTHER and many others...Yes, they realize that the urban industry is spitting acid on black women, obviously in the urban world black folks aren't considered the human family I guess."

Damn I wish this was the official FP site, I bet he'd wanna post here if he knew that his fans could drop this much knowledge that's why Chuck D posts on the official PE site, those fans got knowledge there, believe it or not it's even longer than this, so here's the link if you wanna read more, peace!:


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About the budget:

Homeland security might have gotten more cash, but do you know **** about company and branch budgets? NO, cause when a budget is done, homeland and fema get different budgets. FEMA has gotten less then years before and addiontional money for preventing disasters like this have been declined. Homeland secutiry which is above FEMA has more money, yes, but it does not give it the right to give it's own budget to FEMA, in that case homeland security would be broke at this point cause of the massive damages in Louisiana.

Bush recently put out state of emergency which releases the goverments extra funds and puts him in charge. that is done atleast 5 days too late.

Bill Clinton said recently: "Our government failed those people in the beginning, and I take it now there is no dispute about it," Clinton told CNN. "One hundred percent of the people recognize that -- that it was a failure."

Bush being ignorant about warnings:

Bush has ignored the warnings coming from experts about how the climate in the world is changing to a more unstable and insecure type. The hurricanes are getting worse, it's getting hotter and it's raining more cause of our own pollution. Yet Bush has not taken any actions at all (makes me think of the warnings just weeks before 9/11 about a attack coming soon) and has not signed the Kyoto-contract.

About Bush planting Crack in the hood

Just ans Schnazz said, he was the chief of CIA at the time crack/cocaine started spreading. CIA's worst enemy after Cuba and Soviet at that time was the Black Panthers. Those kind of actions IS NOT rare in CIA policy. CIA isn't known for being kindhearted.

Yet again about the racism:

I still and you can't disagree with this believe Bush was brought up in a racist enviroment, it is NOT a impossible thing to say that his fathers friends or grandfathers friends might have been KKK or having racist thoughts. So is about 20-30% of thw white america. And if they haven't been brought up like that media has helped white people to become prejudice about blacks cause all they do is murder, rape, rap, gangbang and talk **** about women. With media I include MTV, BET and especially BET. AND all the record companys.

With all that built in, you will if ur not a openminded man, have SUB-COUNSCIOUS racism or prejudice in your way of thought.

That may have a direct cause of him not taking the warnings seriously, cause if Beverly Hills was about to get a visit by a hurricane, he would've reacted differently. Casue his friends are there, rich company owners and powerful people. That are worth more than the poor people, which includes alot of black people.

About evacuating:

Fidel Castro proclaied Cuba's nearest thing alike State of emergency and evacuated millions of people when Ivan came across. If not, hundred of thousands would have died. There were at most ten casualties.

After the Tsunamis the goverments in asia started rescue operations immidietly with the military. It took 2 days for the states.



You haven't read enough of kanye's statements to know if he's credible or not. He has done some extremely well put and intelligent statemtns about everything from the black mans situation in the media to the war in Iraq. I just belive that u from a biased point of view read his things differently than he alot of other people cause u want him to be wrong, cause i haven't read u saying ANYthing positive about him without putting in somethign negative.

His statement at NBC is brief and not well put, but it does describe the feelings of the black people AND it airs out how alot of people feel. I would rate his statement as one of his worst.

BEsides, i also noticed u have no source-critisiscm at all. When it comes to WIll smith, people are extremely into not taking the media to seriously, but when it comes to other people not just kanye, u're fooled by the media and just svallow everything they say.

Now I ain't gonna go into a discussion with u cause i respect u as a person, cause i've read your posts since 99/2000.

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I'll take LL's 5 worst albums against all 5 Em albums if you count "Infinite" which his only above average before he made it big and sold out, he's a corporate puppet, sure I don't like Britney Spears either but I'm not gonna make a whole song dissin' her, what is that gonna prove? There's more important issues to be addressing than Britney Spears, at least she's better to look at too, lol. Probably since I'm black and if I diss Britiney Spears I'd catch a lot of heat for it and probably won't get airplay if I did do that hypothetically, there is prejudice in the music buisiness against artists that do say something to make a difference like Frenetic said:

Now these lyrics right here are from a white rapper called Aesop Rock that got way more skills and heart on the mic but he doesn't get marketed, peep these lyrics from his song "Babies From Guns":

Radio check check

Video check check

This is how the city-folk and mole-people connect-nect

Somebody warped the message, tried to pass it to the next next

Data-perforated counties making you upset-set

Harvest all Brand-X Clark Kents to worm food

Carbon heart, buried his nozzle in fossil marker art

Pardon, cadaver had a legitimate pulse

And littered volts all over the village where the skittish pigeons molt

Bastard polter-gasps when the pigeon with Lazarus billy-goat whiskers

He roasted sea-salt in the open blisters

But blind anarchy slips through the cracks

See naked martyrs with Bubblelicious on fishing rods itching to pull it back

With that organic invention incubated to have some ?? to make it through

?? on paper now, a lot of details later

And lot of crews will taper out

A wooly mayor souse, who ?? happy shooting at the bladed mouth

Bazooka Tooth zoo-keep the paper route with janky funds and favors

Cradled by twelve empty Zelda heart containers

Man, it's freezing in this brick bitch, winter forever

Like Punxatawny Phil found with his four furry wrists severed

I walk face-first through the sex, drugs, and church

With wild things that make Maurice Sendak question his early works

But no hostages, no promises

Out the clock corporate constant sprockets

Now clocked-off grommets

Running from a rabid ring-wraith click basilisk

Serpentine, in and out of traffic jam and murder scenes

Scrub blood of the AF-152, pick up first degrees

Some toddlers smuggled Tommy guns and crack into the nurseries

Dog, there's a ****ing baby at the door asking for wallets (yeah?)

And those ain't twin Beanie Babies inside his pockets (nope!)

2010 sonograms showed the Magnum formed directly out the fetus

Evolution for the young killer convenience

Radio check check

Video check check

This is how the city-folk and mole-people connect-nect

Somebody warped the message, tried to pass it to the next next

Data-perforated counties making you upset-set

Magazine check check

Paper route check check

This is how the hermit and the busy bee connect-nect

Somebody's losing track of their flesh-and-bloods and arrests-rests

Polka-dotted landscapes, what did you expect-pect?

Now a-days, even the babies got guns

Diaper snipers having clock-tower fun

Misplace the bottle, might catch a bad one

Have a mid-life crisis when you're ten years young

If this Jesus piece around your neck is bigger than your pistol

It makes homicide okie-dokie and your god will forgive you

Just show the saints at Heaven's gate you should be on the list

"I heard he overlooks manslaughter for a tattooed crucifix"

Twisty, fishy, contradicty, wild animal ship fleet

Off the sliding board dock of the Mr. Turtle pool mom bought

Somewhere they laminate dry bones and cool water and ease medulla

After you thumb-suck and diaper-change get burped and shoot the school up

I'd do it too, but only to exploit no-brainers

Teenager beef passed alligator teeth and extra-curricular flagpole scrapping

Amongst tadpoles that have yellow backbones

De-mechanism brought airborne shrapnel scraps to hassle captains

By the itchy index of an umbilically-garped fraggle baby

Fragile maybe, you think?

Chopped shop and a mislead, maladjustee trustee locked box

Hiding clips that light the sky in seconds

like newly communal hop-scotch gives them leverage

Cut them with mortars while I mumble

in the immortal slang of mushmouth for the anti-led Nirvana

I used to think I'd get hit by a bus or something dumb and dumber

That or bust the slugs plugged by the newest kiddie thug wonder

Self-victim kings who rep a wide pride dosage

For tomorrow the holsters are bound to outnumber the roaches

I'm not a coach

But that won't even jolt the immobile

when global terrorism's all the rage and folk get smoked local

Block, if you need me (yeah?)

I had to bounce to DC (yeah?)

To bullet-proof mom's flower garden before the war cheats me (yeah?)

If I'm not back in a week tell the crew I said "peace" and lay low

Strays don't vacate slow

Radio check check

Video check check

This is how the city-folk and mole-people connect-nect

Somebody warped the message, tried to pass it to the next next

Data-perforated counties making you upset-set

Magazine check check

New flash check check

This is how the hermit and the busy bee connect-nect

Somebody's losing track of their flesh-and-bloods and arrests-rests

Polka-dotted landscapes, what did you expect-pect?

Now a-days, even the babies got guns

Diaper snipers having clock-tower fun

Misplace the bottle, might catch a bad one

Have a mid-life crisis when you're ten years young

Aboard the battleship grey sky

The day I got the phone call Jam Master Jay died

So now I'll probably never write another "Daylight"

Because the stingers ?? a ?? into the portable hay-rides

It adds it up when a pioneer fall, in comparison to your 99 bottle of beer wall

There's banana peels in your hamster wheels, hand cannons in your shoebox, please

Mine's got Adidas, rest in peace

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Sorry, thought I was logged in. Please erase the above post. :)

I'll have more to say on this later on, 'cause I have a lot of runnin to do today and have to get outa here in a minute. However, I've been on other forums talking about this for a minute so I'll just do a few C&Ps after I post my opinion on Kanye. BTW, I hope my language isn't too offensive, as the other forums that I frequent seem to be much less strident on swearing. Hero, or any mods please feel free to edit as appropriate and my apologies in advance.

Kanye West

He has earned himself temporary hero status in my book. Though I'm not of the opinion that this was the proper forum, since his comments may have very well caused some people not to donate when they otherwise might have, it was obvious that his comments were genuine and from the heart. You could see on his face that he HAD to say something or he would just burst, and most of what he said as well as his emotions echoed the sentiment of MANY of us black Americans. BRAVO! Hip-Hop needs more like him. However, I do NOT believe that Bush is racist, his track record just does NOT show that. He IS a pompous, elitist ass though, he does not care about POOR people...of ANY color or stripe.

Now the C&Ps. Please keep in mind that these are in response to other posts (all of them white posters by the way).

Bush and Racism

I have said it often before, and I will say it again because I BELIEVE IT. George Bush is NOT racist!!! Saying that, he has ONCE AGAIN proved to be INEPT AS A LEADER in this whole fiasco. HE IS THE PRESIDENT, which means that he should LEAD!!! Even if all he can do is make a swift and prominent appearance to assure America, HE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT!!!

All of you who back him, if you think that his conduct, or lack thereof, in this whole fiasco was adequate there is something direly WRONG with your perceptions! Even before the levee broke in New Orleans it was painfully obvious that a major disaster had occurred in Mississippi, and this clueless idiot goes off to a fundraiser? Then, 2 fukkin days after the thing hits, he gives 1 of the worst presidential speeches ever made at a time of emergency, smirking at the camera while people are dying!

The best leadership this fool has given us was when he climbed up on that pile of rubble and promised us that "the people who knocked these buildings down will hear from all of us soon!" I cried tears that fukkin day, tears of joy that he was our president. Turns out it was all BULL****! Also turns out that that was the zenith of his leadership. It's been all downhill from there, and I pray to God that it doesn't get any worse than it did last week!

No, he's no racist, he's fukkin INEPT!!!

As for whether the neglect of New Orleans was racist, what the fukk do you expect black people to think? NEVER before in this country have we had to watch AMERICAN CITIZENS stranded, suffering and dying on TV! FUKK whether these people decided to stay or not, they were starving and dying of thirst and disease and wallowing in filth and in death RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES! They were being preyed upon by gangs of armed thugs. All of these things are usually reasons to HASTEN their rescue, but in this case it was cited as reason to DELAY it? I watched EVERY channel on this, even that POS CNN, and while ALMOST all concentrated mostly on the human suffering, FOX almost completely centered on the lawlessness, almost to the point of saying that it was too dangerous to rescue these people...WTF!!! Sneau, I love ya baby but FOX CAN SUCK A DICK!!!

Black people watch this, and we see that 99% of the faces we see suffering and dying while being totally neglected are black! Then we hear the network that runs to the support of those doing the neglecting as well as many others call these people REFUGEES! WHAT THE ****!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS, HOW DARE YOU FUKKIN CALL THEM REFUGEES!!!

Yeah, there you have it. Americans left to die or be killed, dropping from dehydration and disease and starvation, preyed upon by roving bands of thugs, while rescue workers refuse to help and police safeguard property and the military drags it's feet and politicians twiddle their thumbs and the president presses the flesh and the media labels them refugees...all on the streets of a major American city. And, they just happen to be almost all black.

Don't piss on us and tell us it's raining!

In response to the statement that black people are also doing the violence

You are saying that since these black people are being attacked by black people they shouldn't be rescued. Since you can't tell 1 nigger from another let 'em all die.

I've seen this country invade 1 sovereign nation just to "rescue" a few American students. I've seen us invade another...an ALLY...because they got pissed at it's leader. I've watched us rally the world to save a bunch of rich Kuwaitis from Saddam Hussein. I've seen us send jets to save Bosnians and drop food to Afghanis. BUT...when it comes down to rescuing poor black people in New Orleans, we would rather let them starve or dehydrate or be raped or murdered then risk our people being shot at. We airlifted to Berlin, we evacuated Saigon, we ignored New Orleans.

Whites killing whites...save em! Asians killing Asians...save 'em! Arabs killing Arabs...save 'em! Blacks killing blacks...**** em!

Believe me, nobody suffers from these kinds of perceptions more than black folk, especially those of us from those generations that remember the days of instituted racism. To this day I find myself fuming and embarrassed whenever a black person makes a mistake or does something wrong, because I fear how it makes black people look.

The bottom line, sans racial connotations is this, AMERICANS were suffering and dying and being preyed upon by THUGS. Because these AMERICANS were without food and water and were mired in an unimaginably filthy, unsanitary and dangerous situation their immediate aid was CRUCIAL! As they were also being preyed upon and even raped and murdered by THUGS this aid was MORE urgently needed, NOT LESS! The fact that those THUGS were also AMERICANS was NO EXCUSE to delay that aid!

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I ****ing hate spics, dotheads, honkeys, japs, wops, kikes, wetbacks, gooks, chinks, camel jockeys and the french, but I love me some niggers....

Is that necessary? Talkin' like that will get you banned, this is supposed to be an intelligent conversation, there's no need to sound that racist, I'm black and I got pride in myself but I also respect other races too as long as they respect me, but f*** the government that doesn't care about us, I agree wit what u said Cozmo D!

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In response to the statement that black people are also doing the violence

You are saying that since these black people are being attacked by black people they shouldn't be rescued. Since you can't tell 1 nigger from another let 'em all die.

Yes, Georges Bush in inept, but he doesn't seem to be racist. The govenment was stuck on stupid for the whole of 2 days. They will answer for their incompetence as well as the govenor or Louisiana and the mayor of Louisiana.

The post was just too much to respond to, but I think I'll address this statement, and perhaps a few of the others at another time.

I never said "since these black people are being attacked by black people they shouldn't be rescued" nor is that what I tried to convey, nor is that what I believe.

The violence was brought up as a contrast with Kanye's statement that troops are being sent to shoot black people. Troops are being sent to quel the violence and to reestablish order in the city. People are shooting at rescue workers. That is unacceptable. Kanye's statement intimated that troops aren't needed and that they are just being sent down there to shoot and harass black people. That statement is utterly ludicrous given the violence and disorder than is taking place in the city.

In hindsight, we can see that violence has decreased and that a certain level of order has been established in the city. Troops have not been needlessly shooting at and harassing black people. I'll leave it to some of you as to what to make of Kanye's statement now...

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