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Forum Guidelines Up!


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you can check out the forum guidelines up the top

or heres a direct link: http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/inde...?act=boardrules

anything anybody else would like to add? I'll add it into the guidelines..

any new people should check the guidelines, it would be a good idea before you wonder why you got banned..

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they look good. Is there anyway of writing about not posting in too much text talk. i know some people write stuff like "u" but too much is hard to understand. I dont know if u could make that into a rule though.

and to write 'u' or something like that - get ban or warn :shake:

it's too much Julie :word:

i am not very down with that idea :shrug:

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On the cussing, in particular in the Numero Uno section, where's the line drawn?  Is replacing an 'i' with an '!' acceptable, or maybe first letter followed by dashes?

or better just write the whole word out so that it will get censored. ususally u can tell what the word is from the context of the rap. i think the only curse word that doesn't get caught by the censors is bit**

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