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about the top 100 jjfp songs!!

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Guest Prince
[quote=Jonny 5,Mar 14 2004, 12:51 AM]er, I'm guessin it's in 33rd place because there were 32 other songs that received more votes than it.[/quote]
You know, one day you might just end up as sarcastic as me! Haha... :afro:

It's either Tim's personal list or one out of a magazine (that was maybe slightly adapted). I know not, but I do know that noone will ever agree with any list since we're all different and have different musical tastes. Edited by Prince
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  • Admin
thats the list i did..thats how i rate the traxs from 1 to 100..do you think jiggy wit it should have been higher? i based it on quality not how successful the track was
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