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buliding and the fresh prince dvd

Guest kai mortimer

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Did somebody tell you that the worst possible thing to do on this site is to brag that u downloaded Wills stuff coz it works well.

You may aswell wave a red flag in front of a bull and you'd get the same reaction.

If u cant get to the shops, do as jonny said and order from the internet, downloading without paying is stealing from Will.

As a side note i'd also complain to the shops that arnt big enough for your wheelchair, they arnt allowed to do that.

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There are ways to get around situations like that. If you don't have a credit card, a lot of places take PayPal. Its really easy to set up and use. Or just regular old cash!

If your wheelchair is too small to get into the shop, then ask somebody else to but it for you. Family, friends etc. You don't need to go and download it because of that

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being disabled and living in a small country isn't a reason to feel bad for yourself. be patient and try to do something about it. there has to be a solution. ur not a true fan of Will Smith if ur stealing from him.

please do not take the above statements personally. i don't want to offend u, i'm just trying to motivate u to do something about it

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Hey Kai, order if off the internet, that's easier than anything... good for finding rare stuff as well :2thumbs:

You can find most of his albums on ebay for really cheap! That's how I got most of my cds! :thumbsup:

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